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NCAA PS3 to PS2/PSP Conversion Tool v0.20

I just added the next version of my PS3 roster conversion tool for NCAA Football. This can be found in the Files location link. Version 0.20 is a change that was necessitated to reduce the amount of system RAM required and to speed up the process of editing the actual data and formulas. The new design is broken into 4 different files: 1. PS3 extracted csv roster from Dynasty Editor. 2. PS3 Conversion XLSM -- Names and Attributes Conversion Tool 3. PS3 Output XLSM -- Conversion Tool 4.  Outputted CSV file for PSP/PS2 General Instructions: Open up a PS3 roster in Dynasty Editor and export the Player Roster to CSV. Rename this CSV file to PS3_Input.csv and Open in Excel. Open PS3_Conversion_Tool.xlsm in Excel Press SHIFT+OPT+COMMAND+N (or SHIFT+CTRL+N) in the Names Tab. This will auto convert the names to the PS2/PSP format. Now, open PS3_Output.xlsm file in Excel Press SHIFT+OPT+COMMAND+C or SHIFT+CTRL+C. This will convert the roster, save, and save as CSV. A converted CSV file will now

NBA Live PSP Bringing the Sonics Back

The Sonics leaving Seattle is a sore subject for many folks around here including myself. It's been increasingly frustrating to get your hopes back up and then thrown to the curb again and again. Thank goodness for retro gaming! I've been trying to figure out how to update some old PSP NBA Live games to be the Super Sonics once again. This photo here represents the Seattle Sonics in NBA Live 08. Yes, the game is the last one on PSP to include the Seattle franchise, however, I imported rosters from the NBA Live 10 series over, which was the last one from EA Sports on this console. So, my Sonics have Westbrook and Harden, and whoever else joined post-doom+gloom-era. It wasn't too difficult, as EA Sports is really lazy and didn't even change Seattle named files out of the database. The content was different, but the file names were exactly the same. I just had to make sure what worked and what didn't. So while the above screenshot is basically just extracting the defau

Dynasty Weeks 2 and 3 HAIL MARY!

Game #2 pitted UW with Utah State Aggies. The Huskies came in with a dominant start, however, a major comeback followed by a complete break down in offense cause the Huskies to fall apart in the 2nd half, losing 39-20. It was ugly. Really ugly. Game #3 though, was an INSTANT CLASSIC. Boise State hosted the Huskies on their blue turf. The Huskies defense dominated much of the game with flying tackles, key turnovers, and stellar play. The offense helped out by taking an early 14-0 lead going into the half. Browning however, threw two key picks and helped Boise State come back and tie it up with under 2 minutes to go. With the ball back and under 35 seconds to go, the Huskies marched down field and were stopped at the opponent 41. But, on a 4th down miracle with no time left, freshman Jake Browning threw a hail mary up to senior receiver Jaydon Mickens, who cuaght it over 2 defenders in the end zone to win the game 20-14!

NCAA PSP/PS2 - Coaching Strategy Test for Dynasties

Coaching/Strategy Test for Dynasties This is a test if anyone is willing to try it out. I created a coaching file with updated strategies and playbooks. It's also based on the NCAA 14 roster set from the community with some modifications I made to fit the 2006 base year of NCAA 07 and also to make it work with the database. This isn't for the faint of heart. File Link: The zip attached includes DB Editor 3.0 and the coaching file csv. First have a NCAA Dynasty save ready in unencrypted format. (You can do this with sgdeemer for PSP or by turning Encrypt Save to False in PPSSPP). Then open the data.bin file in DB Editor. Once loaded, click the COCH on the left side to load up the coach database.  Now, open the coach csv. Look for a column called PFUC. This column will have mostly all 0's. I have a 1 in one row. This row is associated with UW Huskies (Chris Peterson). Look for the right row you

Apple Cup Demo - Swapping Textures from Different Games

The Apple Cup is one of my favorite events I look forward to each football season. It pits the school I grew up watching, attended for a decade of my life, and constantly engage in whether professionally, or as a fan of the school's academia and athletic excellence. It also has the most awesome color choices in Purple and Gold. Anyway, I've been playing around with swapping textures such as uniforms, helmets, fields, stadiums, etc between different versions of games, which I went through a little bit the other day in my guide.  Here's some screenshots of some of the work: NCAA 07 PSP - Imported Uniforms and Helmets from NCAA 10 PSP NCAA 10 PSP - Imported Grass Textures from NCAA 07 PSP Following the texture imports, the two games look very, very similar. They still play differently a tad bit because of the gameplay differences, but visually, they both look similar, and pretty stunning I might add for a handheld console that's well over a decade old.  These screenshots a

NCAA PSP Uniforms, Helmets, and Stadium Swapping

Here's a quick trick if you own NCAA 10 and NCAA 07 and you prefer the gameplay of NCAA 07 like I do, but want updated uniforms and helmets. This also works in Madden series as described in my guides. First dump your game onto your computer using UMDGen. Then go to the USRDIR folder of NCAA 10, and copy the entire Uniforms folder, and put that in NCAA 07 using UMDGen. Save a copy. Then you'll have a modded ISO to use, granted you need a custom firmware installed PSP or you can use an emulator like PPSSPP. For Stadiums, copy the Stadata.dat and Stadiums folder over. (note this may cause issues with field/crowd textures...) Here's some screenshots to show it all off: Original NCAA 07. This must have been prior to Oregon experiments. NCAA 07 with NCAA 10 Uniforms - The Unis before the Wings NCAA 07 Original - Miss St white helmets of the past. NCAA 07 with NCAA 10 Helmets - The new redder Miss State helmets

Seahawks 2016 Off-Season Part II

The 2016 off-season was pretty eventful for the Seattle Seahawks and the rest of the NFL. In the last article, I wrote about the slew of retirements that occurred around the league. Now I'll go more in-depth with how the Seahawks in particular went. Off-Season Free Agency/Trades: Trades: Seahawks traded SS Kam Chancellor to Carolina Panthers for HB Jonathan Stewart and a 3rd and 4th round pick. Left Team: HB Fred Jackson (Retired) SS Kam Chancellor (Trade) HB Marshawn Lynch (Waived; picked up by Panthers) QB Tavaris Jackson (Free Agent to Patriots) FB Derrick Coleman (Free Agent to Saints) FB Will Tukuafu (Free Agent to Browns) WR Jermaine Kearse (Free Agent to Ravens) WR Ricardo Lockette (Free Agent to Chargers) TE Cooper Helfet (Free Agent) C Lemuel Jean-Pierre (Free Agent to Falcons) DT Brandon Mebane (Free Agent to Steelers) LB Bruce Irvin (Free Agent to Steelers) LB Mike Morgan (Free Agent to Packers) CB Cary Williams (Free Agent to 49ers) CB/S Deshawn Shead (Free Agent to 49e

Madden 08 PSP Super Bowl 50 Preview

Here's a sneak peek at Super Bowl 50 with the Carolina Panthers taking on the Denver Broncos in Santa Clara. This video was recorded using Madden 08 PSP with the 2015 roster updates found here! Who'll win this match? Well, according to Madden, the Panthers did not have a very good start. Maybe they'll turn it around in the 2nd quarter. Peyton's probably glad it's not him on the wrong end of the stick this time.

NCAA 07 PSP 2015 Video Trailer

Check out the new trailer for the 2015 updates to NCAA 07 and NCAA 10 for PSP and NCAA 06 for PS2! This new video shows a few of the new player additions, and a preview of the Apple Cup with the Washington Huskies and Washington State Cougars!

Updated Madden Franchise Saves Now Available

Both Madden 08 and Madden 12 Franchise saves have been updated today with some minor bug fixes to the roster and a physical move of the Los Angeles Rams from St Louis. The previous franchise rosters available had only changed the team name from "St Louis" to "Los Angeles" but this new update actually moves them to LA within the database so that the city's demographics and city data will actually play a role in free agency and other things. In addition to this update, the team salaries were recalculated for every team again. There was a big discrepancy in reported team salary and actual team salaries for some reason. In addition, I updated the Salary Cap number to reflect this new change and also raised the league minimum for veterans and restricted free angents to be more accurate to real life. Find the new franchise saves in the Files section!

Seahawks Franchise: 2015 Off-Season Part I

The off-season started off with a lot of surprise retirements. It's the end of an era. Just take a look at this list of retiring QBs, future hall of famers and icons of their position for the past decade and thensome: Carson Palmer, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Tony Romo, Peyton Manning, Michael Vick and not shown in the photo: Matt Hasselbeck, both McCowns and more. That's a lot of QB talent and a lot of vacant QB starting positions available around the league. Luckily for me, I have a young up and coming franchise QB in Russell Wilson, who'll be coming off a major elbow injury but should recover in time for the start of the season. But still - how will the Patriots look without their general for their championship runs? Will Brock Osweiler or someone else fill in that huge void left by Laser Rocket Arm? Are the Cardinals going to start over with Carson Palmer leaving as well as many other older veterans? And what are the Saints without Drew Brees? While we see a lot of older ve

Ant: The Rise of The Next Wunderkind

Today we look back at the rise of Ant - my Be A Pro FIFA 14 self - from unknown kid in the Sounders Academy to international superstar and Champions League winner with Arsenal. Ant was a young 16 year old, just joining the ranks of the Seattle Sounders. Through solid performances as the team's box-to-box midfielder, he rose to the starting XI and eventually helped the team win the US Open Cup and MLS title (as shown in the video). Along with this new found success came calls from bigger clubs overseas. He decided to stay one more year but left in the January window to Championship league level Bolton Wanderers in England, a club that was well known for taking on Americans such as Stuart Holden and Tim Ream. He played well for Bolton, helping them achieve promotion, however with his meteoric rise came more calls from bigger clubs. He had calls from clubs such as Liverpool, Tottenham, Newcastle, but he opted to stay and wait. But then one day, the call came from the club he followed

Seahawks 2015

My first story today is a story of the last game of the 2015 Seattle Seahawks. After an amazing start to the season, with a 9-3 record, Russell Wilson was scrambling out of the pocket in the 4th quarter of a large lead game and got tackled, broke his elbow, and went out for the season. That gave opportunity for TJack to shine. Unfortunately, he did not. The Seahawks, with TJack at the helm, lost their final 4 games and then hosted the Atlanta Falcons in the wild card round of the NFC playoffs. While TJack didn't have a bad game at all, he ended up tearing his abdomen half way through the third quarter, paving way for another NFL veteran, Luke McCown, to take the reigns. McCown fought valiantly, but the Seahawks defense gave up another touchdown in the 4th to fall behind 14 points. McCown and the Seahawks then went on a nice drive in the 4th and scored to bring the lead down to 7. After a great defensive stop with just under 2 minutes left, the Falcons punted only to have Tyler Lock

Mission Statement

I am starting up a new dynasty blog on here with a variety of games I play. I'll probably cover some football action with the Seattle Seahawks on Madden 08 PSP or whatever game I may get in the future, the revival of the Washington Huskies in NCAA 07 PSP or perhaps my tales bringing the Sonics back to life in one of the NBA gaming franchises. I'll eventually go through tales of the Arsenal Gunners and the Seattle Sounders in FIFA or a make-believe team I bring to power in Football Manager. I'll even consider dabbling in a baseball or hockey game again, albeit, it'll probably be a retro title like NHL 94 or RBI Baseball...