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NCAA PSP/PS2 - Coaching Strategy Test for Dynasties

Coaching/Strategy Test for Dynasties

This is a test if anyone is willing to try it out. I created a coaching file with updated strategies and playbooks. It's also based on the NCAA 14 roster set from the community with some modifications I made to fit the 2006 base year of NCAA 07 and also to make it work with the database.

This isn't for the faint of heart.

File Link:

The zip attached includes DB Editor 3.0 and the coaching file csv.

First have a NCAA Dynasty save ready in unencrypted format. (You can do this with sgdeemer for PSP or by turning Encrypt Save to False in PPSSPP).

Then open the data.bin file in DB Editor. Once loaded, click the COCH on the left side to load up the coach database. 

Now, open the coach csv. Look for a column called PFUC. This column will have mostly all 0's. I have a 1 in one row. This row is associated with UW Huskies (Chris Peterson). Look for the right row you want to use and turn the 0 into a 1.

Import the coach csv included. Then Save.

Now, reload your save to your hardware and try it out.