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NCAA Football Conference ReAlignment Mod Pack Released [updated v1.5]

The released version of my Conference Realignment mod is now available in the Download section under NCAA Football for PSP NCAA Football 2007 (PS2 soon). You have to do a lot of manually labor though, so be prepared for frustration! In the zip will be a bunch of csv files, and a spreadsheet. It also includes an already modded save for NCAA PSP 07. It is unencrypted so you'll need to use PPSSPP to play it and/or save it encrypted. To mod your own NCAA 06 or NCAA 07 save, download Madden DB Editor 3.0. Open your save file in DB Editor and for import the csvs into the following tables in your save: BOWL - Not sure this will work with 06 yet. Study it and modify your own 06 BOWL table! CONF DIVI STTM SCHD   - Not sure this will work with 06 yet. Study it and modify your own 06 SCHD table! TSWP Then you need to open up the TEAM table in the editor. Also open up either STTM.csv or the excel spreadsheet and go to the STTM page. Now you have to manually edit the teams database CGID/DGIDs

NCAA Football Conference ReAlignment Trial Update

So realignment of conferences and divisions have been quite a challenge for NCAA Football series on PS2 and PSP. I've discovered a lot of things in the process though! First off, you can move teams around from one conference and division to another by editing the TEAM database, and rename and redo conference structure in the CONF and DIVI databases. It's rather simple really once you have a plan in place. When I first tried to do this, I was going all-out trying to get it to modern day standards. That meant super conferences with 14 teams. And I got it working in the game and it simmed and it played. But it was missing a very very important aspect to it and that was scheduling. For whatever reason, the game does not look at the team database or conference structure within the dynasty save - it looks at some database on the disc that is probably the first database in League.Dat which I can pull out, but failed to update because it seems to be very partially compressed. Hex editi

NCAA Football Conference Re-Alignment Semi-Working

I've recently returned to working on modding NCAA Football 07 on PSP to re-align conferences and sub-divisions again and this time I've taken a different approach. I manually edited every single team's conference and division using DB Editor 3.0. The results are quite promising as you can see in the screenshot above and the video at the end. The screenshot shows the Big Ten Championship and Pac-12 Championship game that did not exist before, and also shows, coincidentally, three teams that were not in their respective conferences before: Rutgers, Texas A&M, and Utah! Now, a few big issues still remain: 1. This requires hex editing. You'll have to copy/paste a slew of hex over to existing franchise saves. Because this is being worked on in NCAA 07, it'll only work with probably 06, 07, and 08. There's been newer teams incorporated to FBS since then. I am going to look if I can add FCS teams over but I think that requires quite a bit more work since rosters wo

Updated: Madden NFL 06 PS2 2015 Update Now Available!

Due to a request and for my own personal usage later, here's a 2015-16 Final roster and Franchise update for the Playstation 2 version of Madden NFL 06! This includes: 2015 NFL season rosters Updated Los Angeles Rams franchise Updated coaching staff Updated playbooks for coaches 2015 NFL Schedule NFL Draft Pick trades Normalized 2016 Salaries for 2005 Season Updated Stadiums more!

Madden NFL 2015 Roster and Franchise Bug Fix

My recent "final" version of the Rosters and Franchises for 2015-2016 season had a major bug in it. Apparently, you can not change the Team Initials or it'll crash! While debugging the issue, I discovered how to change the in-gameplay intro city name from St Louis to Los Angeles though! So that's now fixed for Franchise mode. The regular rosters can't be updated though because of what databases are available in that save. Sorry for any inconveniences.  New downloads  For PSP are here: And the PS2 versions:

Madden NFL 08 Playstation 2 Update for 2015 Season

I released a 2015-16 season update for Madden 08 on Playstation 2 now. It also includes an updated Roster and an updated Franchise save. The franchise save includes everything the PSP versions have such as updated rosters, adjusted salaries, updated coaching staffs, playbooks, draft trades, real 2015 schedules, relocation of St Louis to Los Angeles, and more! Action Replay MAX files are available in the download section. If you need to use it in a different format, I recommend using PS2 Save Builder to convert the roster or extract the save file out!

Madden 12 for Playstation 2 Gets a 2015 Roster Update

The Playstation 2 version of Madden is getting my 2015 season update now! I have created a new roster and franchise save for Madden NFL 12 on Playstation 2. They can be found on my drive here: The franchise has every NFL team set to User Controlled, however, each team has been set to allow CPU to manage everything. Go into the Team Management screen to choose what team you want to be. I found this works best for the first season - the CPU doesn't seem to want to do in-season transactions even if it really really needs to and this screws everything up - but you can reset the cpu controlled teams after the first season in the offseason if you wish. Features: Regular Season Week 15 roster base from RogerJinx/EA Madden 16 ratings 1867 Players for Madden 12 / 1962 Players for Madden 08 in database Player portraits set to None Fixed Skin Tones Auto Depth Chart No starting injuries Franchises:   Franchise saves are included be

Madden NFL PSP Final Franchise Roster Update

I added my final franchise roster updates for the 2015-16 NFL season for Madden NFL 08 and 12 for PSP. This has a few ratings fixes, and player changes. It also restructures the salaries. I used a simple math formula to determine that present day value and 2007-era salary values differ by approximately 25%. I basically, took 75% of today's salaries and made them the in-game roster salaries. I also reverted the 2016 salary cap number to the 2007 salary cap number of $109 million. This should tidy things up in Years 2 through forever in your Franchises, while still keeping player salaries relatively similar to what it is today. Find the files in the Download section above!

Bring Back Our Sonics

There's a Seattle Arena rally today at City Hall starting at 4PM, prior to Chris Hansen and his team go in front of the city council to discuss the Occidental Street proposed arena location vacating plan. There's also an online petition available for signing.

NCAA 07 PSP Stadiums & Uniforms Mod

USC LA Colesium. My NCAA Football 07 PSP Stadiums and Uniforms mod is now available to download in the Files Section! This mod updates team uniforms, lighting effects, and a dozen stadiums in the game. The stadiums included are:  Florida, Florida St, LSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon, Oklahoma, Penn St, USC, Virginia Tech.   These files were originally in NCAA 10 PSP and some have been slightly modified for use in NCAA 07. For example, there are no "snow" effects in NCAA 10, so new snow stadiums had to be created. The Horseshoe To use this mod: 1. Download the zip and extract it somewhere. 2. Download UMDGen for PSP and open it. 3. You'll need to also create or have a NCAA 07 ISO file ready. 4. Open the ISO in UMDGen. 5. Go to the PSP_GAME\USRDIR\DATA\ directory in UMDGen. 6. Drag and drop the contents of the Mod extracted zip into this folder. 7. Save as uncompressed ISO. 8. Play! Bugs: Stadium clipping!! This happens in most of the new stadiums. I don't

NCAA Football 2015-16 Update for NCAA 11 on PS2

I've created a port of the 2015 rosters for NCAA Football 11 for PS2. They are now available in the File Download section. And I've created a quick demo video of the roster in action. Ignore my crappy gaming. I wasn't really trying too hard and just testing the roster. :)

Bringing Back the Sonics Part IV

  Yay! I have successfully imported graphics into the Celtics court graphics files using Console Texture Explorer, OPTPix Image Editor for PS2, and a hex editor! This took quite a bit of trial and error, but as you can see, I've got a custom Sonics center court logo on the court and a custom baseline logo as well!   The big hurdle I still have is trying to figure out how to change the color palette and having it transferred to the MSH graphic file. I changed the palette in the texture (TM2) file and it shows up with the new colors in Console Texture Explorer after editing, but it defaults back to the old color palette in the game, so that's why the colors in the center court image isn't eye-popping yellow and emerald green.  

PSP EA Sports Graphics Discoveries

I've finally figured out how to at least read a few graphics files buried within some other files in the NCAA PSP UMD. The screenshot above shows the Michigan Wolverines helmet which is used for the Dynasty Mode SI cover pages. It is buried in UIS_Helmets.dat file on the disc and can be opened using Madden DAT File Replacer. Once you extract all several hundred helmets, you can open it up in Console Texture Explorer and use the settings shown in the screenshot above. Graphic Offset 48 Palette Offset 16448 BPP 8 Size 128 x 128 Swizzling Enabled Here's some more photos of Helmets and Trophies:

Bringing Back the Sonics Part III

I'm getting a little restless from trying to mod the NBA Live courts to make it work with the Sonics. My latest go-round has been trying to mix and match courts/arenas and Sonics graphics, since I can't figure out how to hex edit the o/ord/orl court files that NBA Live uses. There's editors out there for these files for the PC versions of Need for Speed/NBA Live but it won't work with the console versions unfortunately. The screenshot shown here is using the Boston Celtics court with SuperSonic logos. The green/yellow combination goes really well! The only problem is the baseline graphic is blackened out and I am still trying to figure out why this is happening. I've also tried combinations with Milwaukee Bucks (also green with red), Golden State, Indiana, EA Sports Arena, Adidas Arena, and others. The Celtics and Bucks are the best looking, though having a black court with Sonics logo is kind of cool too. I'll keep working at it...

Bringing Back Our PSP Sonics Part II

I've been working on modding the final release of NBA Live series on the PSP by subbing in the Seattle Super Sonics with the Oklahoma City Thunder with some great success! As you can see in the video above, I've managed to import the logos, jerseys, and all the contextual stuff. I've also successfully imported in-game jerseys and audio over. The only thing I am having challenges with right now is importing Key Arena over.