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NCAA Football 19: PS2/PSP Rosters v2 Update Released

The PS2 and PSP Rosters for NCAA Football series have been updated today. The latest update includes additions and changes by the Operation Sports PS3 Editing Team. These changes include some rating changes and the addition of the final Cincinnati Bearcats roster. To download, feel free to click on the Download link in the site menu, and navigate to the corresponding folder, or check out my Operation Sports thread below.

NCAA Football 19 for Playstation 2 and PSP is now available (again)!

Welcome to NCAA Football 19 for Playstation 2 & Playstation Portable!! 2018-19 Season Rosters are currently a port of pinbw's NCAA 13 roster which is a combination of both the 360 and PS3 NCAA14 roster team's excellent work!  This roster is currently updated for all but Cinn and New Mexico St. Available now for NCAA 06 and NCAA 11 for PS2  Available now for NCAA 07 and NCAA 10 for PSP Download Links: PSP: PS2: Note: If links are unavailable, just use the Download link in this site's menu to navigate through. Should be self-explanatory. Installation:  PSP:  Move files to /PSP/SAVEDATA folder on your device PPSSPP:   Move files to your PPSSPP/PSP/SAVEDATA folder PS2:  Use ActionReplay with the MAX file attached in zip. Use uLauncherELF with Free MC Boot memory card using the PSU file attached in zip. PCSX2: Transfer to PCSX2 emulator by u

NCAA 2017-18 Dynasty Mod v3 + Status on 2018-19 Season

The college football season has started and yes, there's no new rosters available yet for NCAA Football. The Operation Sports teams are still working there way through finishing the PS3/Xbox 360 updates and due to that, I have not released one for the Playstation 2 or PSP yet.  In the meantime, I have updated the 2017-18 season with a new Dynasty Mod. Feel free to try it out on NCAA 06 for PS2 or NCAA 07 for PSP. PS2: PSP:

College Football Coach v1.2.20 Released

The latest update for College Football Coach: Career Edition was released today in the Google Play Store. The update moves the version number to 1.2.20. This was a very, very minor update -- basically just to bring the game to 2018 with the new start year as well as fixing a couple text typo errors. As far as the roadmap for this project -- I don't really have a set one. I am looking into the possibility of adding in better save support so that you can save progress in more points in the season. But, it's looking like something more complicated and time consuming than I really want to put into it. I also have thought about completely re-writing some parts of the game over again, and re-balancing the game prestige system again. Finally, I'd like to improve recruiting and also work on a NFL/Pro version of it. But all of that aside, there is a big announcement for this game. Achi Jones, the original developer, just released the first screenshots of Football Coach 2! These scre