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College Football Coach 2017: Available on GitHub

I've been working off GitHub source code of "Football Coach" lately and expanding upon it's great base. This is a free, no-ads, College Football GM sim game where you lead your college to glory by simming games, managing your roster and tactics, and recruiting the next generation of talent. The game was lacking a few things and probably due to fear of being pulled - but it did not have real teams nor conferences. It also was limited to 60 teams. I've taken those away, and added 100 real teams across 10 real conferences. There's still a limit to 10 teams per conference but I realigned it as best I could to reality with some of my own re-imaginations.  In addition, I expanded the names database by at least 100x what it used to be. I took the fictional names database of NCAA Football and dumped it in here, and then on-top of that, I took a current 2017 roster, and dumped all the first and last names in for good measure. Now try to get too many players with the sa

Pro Football Coach / College Football Coach / College Hoops Coach Mods

I've been working on modifying the very fun, free mobile games: College Football Coach, Pro Football Coach and College Hoops Coach lately. The games are fun text GM sims but have fictional teams and leagues.  The Pro Football game does allow you to customize team names and rosters which I shared in a previous post my 2017 update. It still had fake league names though. A simple edit of the code fixes that. College Football Coach is actually open source on GitHub. I got the source code and have been playing around with it. I've so far modified it to include real conference names and teams. I would like to work on it some more if time permits. Finally, College Hoops coach is the most robust of the three. The team names are actually called out within a XML file and that was actually rather simple to change. There are some other items, I want to tweak, but I haven't gotten around to digging into the decompiled files yet as I don't quite understand smali yet.

Front Office Football 8: 2017-18 NFL Roster

2017-18 NFL Roster Features: 2017 NFL Roster accurate as of Week 1 Updated Player Contracts & Salaries 2500 total players including free agents Updated Overall ratings based on Madden Ratings on a logarithmic curve using guidelines from FOF8. Updated QB style/scrambling frequency Start Year set for 2017 Updated Salary Cap Info Updated League Minimum Salary info Background/Description I've been heavily involved with modding/roster conversions for PS2 and PSP with Madden and NCAA Football over the past couple years, and before that I made a few rosters for FOF7, and other text games. I just recently updated NCAA and Madden series games with 2017 rosters, and then decided to try to tackle how to convert my Madden Roster over to FOF8. I converted it over the other day to Pro Football Coach on android/iOS and NCAA rosters to DDS College Football, so why not try it on FOF8? Here's my attempt. It's attached as well as the CSV source file. I'm still working on the Excel spr

Madden: 2017-18 NFL Rosters on Playstation 2 and Playstation Portable

Reeshmd23 ported over for PSP (Madden 08/Madden 12) Minotauri ported over for PS2 (Madden 12) Rosters:  Rosters use RogerJinx's Madden 08 PC roster as a base, which was imported and converted from EA's official Madden 18 update. Please note that you will see some positional overall ratings really high, especially fullbacks. This is due to how PS3 calculates vs how the older Maddens calculate overall. Features: Based on RogerJinx/EA Madden ratings 1867 Players for Madden 12 / 1962 Players for Madden 08 in database Player portraits set to None Fixed Skin Tones Auto Depth Chart No starting injuries Bug: Do not start a Madden 08 Franchise with this roster. It will crash. Separate Franchise files are included. Franchises:   Franchise saves are included because they can be more heavily updated without doing mods to your game. In addition, the roster file will crash in Madden 08 if you try to start a franchise, so this is a workaround and improvement! Please note that you will see som

Pro Football Coach (mobile) - NFL 2017 Rosters Available!

Pro Football Coach is a mobile text GM sim available for Android and iOS. It's free, fun and a huge time sink. It also allows for custom rosters. I present to you, the 2017 NFL roster for this game! UPDATE: v1.3 9/13/2017 - Updated Salaries, Updated Cap Space, Updated CB Calculations, Updated Coverage calculation, Significantly improved Conversion Tool (not released yet), Updated Evasion calculation v1.2 09/11/2017 -New POTENTIAL rating calculator based on age & position + awareness/IQ v1.1 09/09/2017 - FIXED issues with iOS version v1.0 09/08/2017 - Initial release with fix for defense ratings Finished a 2017-18 season NFL roster tonight. It's a Madden NFL 08 PC Update created by RogerJinx ( that I've converted using excel and a bunch of calculations/algorithms to convert madden ratings to PFC ratings. I've tweaked some of the rating issues based on feedback from my 2016 file I posted yesterday, which I'll take down for now. Anyway, here's

NCAA 2017-18 for Playstation 2 & PSP Release

2017-18 SEASON ROSTERS for PLAYSTATION 2 The 2017-18 season rosters are now available for: NCAA Football 06 :: 9/2/17 NCAA Football 07 :: 9/11/17 NCAA Football 09 :: 9/11/17 NCAA Football 10 :: 9/13/17 NCAA Football 11 :: 9/2/17 Source File: 09/01/2017 Dynasty Mods: See post #2 See this  post  to convert to another NCAA FB game. This is a port of the 2 017-18 rosters for PS3  created by VikesFan059 et al with my own modifications and updates. Permission was given to port and release these publicly. Please do not redistribute without proper credit given to myself and to the PS3 roster team. Video Preview: Installation: Zip file includes MAX file for ActionReplay MAX Drive, and PSU file for FreeMcBoot/uLaunchELF. You may also use  MyMC  to import MAX files to your virtual memory cards. For other transfer tools, you may use  PS2 Save Builder  to convert saves to another format. Using FreeMcBoot/uLauncherElf to install rosters: [ LINK ] Enjoy. Credits: PS3 Edit