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College Football Coach 2017: Available on GitHub

I've been working off GitHub source code of "Football Coach" lately and expanding upon it's great base. This is a free, no-ads, College Football GM sim game where you lead your college to glory by simming games, managing your roster and tactics, and recruiting the next generation of talent.

The game was lacking a few things and probably due to fear of being pulled - but it did not have real teams nor conferences. It also was limited to 60 teams. I've taken those away, and added 100 real teams across 10 real conferences. There's still a limit to 10 teams per conference but I realigned it as best I could to reality with some of my own re-imaginations. 

In addition, I expanded the names database by at least 100x what it used to be. I took the fictional names database of NCAA Football and dumped it in here, and then on-top of that, I took a current 2017 roster, and dumped all the first and last names in for good measure. Now try to get too many players with the same names! :)

Finally, I've done some slight tweaks to how the game handles things in the off-season which is in the background, but may help keep things realistic, yet random at the same time. 

And now some screen shots before I write some more stuff on what I plan on doing in the future.

  • UI updates
  • Ability to edit team names
  • Expanded universe (i.e. 100 teams and new conferences)
  • Expanded to 12 Bowl Games
  • Expanded the names database by over a thousand names based on real NCAA rosters this season + NCAA Football game names database
  • CPU Strategies based on roster strengths (starts Year 2 for now, can't get it to work right off the bat)
  • Updates with internal game algorithms
  • Improved scheduling logic (Out of Conf schedule changes each season)
  • Improved poll logic for weeding out smaller conference/weaker schedules
  • Improved prestige growth/decline logic
  • Updated logo
  • Other things under the hood

Future Features??
  • expand recruiting features
  • conference prestige
  • edit conference names
  • add other positions (P, TE, DL, LB)
  • expand playbook options
  • create 12 team conferences
  • updates to off-season news/infractions

    Source code and APK Download is available now at: