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NCAA PS2: How to Construct an In-Game Schedule Generator

 This is a complex one. It requires quite a bit of knowledge which I won't go into here, and assume you know some of the basics already of how to use specific programs, but I'll go over some basics and semi-advanced background. This is going to be a long post. First off, on the game disc, in the DATA folder, are a series of DAT files. DAT files are storage container files, much like a common zip file. They contain more files within them. For reference, DAT files are also known as TERF files. This is the official EA terminology for it, but they are typically named with the *.DAT file extension. Our good ol' friend @JDHalfrack created a DAT read/write tool in the mid 2000's that was originally designed with Madden PC games. It's called DAT File Replacer (DFR) and has up to 5 released versions now. Version 3 may be the most useful for most things as it seems to work the best for all-around usage. With the use of DFR, we can open DAT files, extract contents of it, and a
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Converting Dynasty Saves & Advanced League Restructuring -- and introducing my fantasy roster generator

As some of you are aware, I tinker with my league setup quite often in dynasty mode, and have been doing it for years now. More recently, I've gone quite a bit more extreme in my league setups and forgoing the traditional layouts of the NCAA 06 game, by adding 14-team conferences and other things, as mentioned in the previous post. In most cases, simply editing the TEAM database with the correct CGID and DGID and TTYP values will move teams around. Then you'd follow up with TSWP databased edits to swap teams around. This only works if you keep the same league structure. As a refresher or for those new to this: CGID = Conf ID DGID = Division ID (15 is no divisions) TTYP = Team Type (0=FBS, 1=FCS) CGID/DGID values can be round in the CONF and DIVI tables in dynasty save. But, let's say you want to add a new team from FCS or several of them. How about adding a create-a-team to the dynasty IN THE MIDDLE OF long dynasty? It's not as simple as making some tweaks to the existi

NCAA PS2: Removing Conferences from FBS in a Dynasty

 Removing Conferences from FBS in a Dynasty Among the plethora of new discoveries we've unlocked through hex editing, I did find out how to REMOVE conferences during dynasty play! It was actually rather stupidly easy. You basically just change League LGID to 1 in CONF for the conference you want to get rid of. Then change the teams in TEAM to the conference CGID/DGID you want to move them too. But here's the part that you have to do. You need to move a team, any team, to the old conference that you are removing from FBS. In this case, I just put a random FCS team or set of teams in there. So, basically the game used to hang or crash when I tried this in the past because I did not have any teams in the WAC (CGID: 14), but through dumb what if experimentation this week, I found out that all I had to do was move any team to the WAC, and it works! I actually ended up moving the MAC and WAC down to FCS, so I only have 9 conferences, and 1 independents right now in my League of 120 t

NCAA Football 06 NEXT: 2022 Mod!

I am happy to announce that with the new versions of PCSX2 and AetherSX2 Playstation 2 emulators, that texture modding is now available! We have a new team developing the NEXT mod over on Discord and the first few conference and general texture updates are now available on GitHub here: Included in this mod is also my 2021-22 Season Dynasty Mod with an all-new schedule generation patch that changes the game disc to automatically create the correct scheduling algorithm for the new conference scheme! The patch also allows users to play with default 2021 rosters in all game modes.

NCAA Football Series - PS3 to PS2 Roster Conversion Tool Updated!

 I've been working on some major changes to the roster porting tool I created in Excel to port over NCAA Football 13/14 on PS3 over to any game in the PS2/PSP NCAA series. Apparently this can also be used for GameCube as well (with some additional steps)! Anyway, the latest update is version 0.70. It addresses the following changes: Capitalizations and Punctuations in First/Last name fixes Added more head/hair combinations (still randomly generated) Total re-balance of player attributes to closer match NCAA 2006  Accurately calculates player overall ratings Fixed and Updated Macros for easier use You can find the update tool now on GitHub:

NCAA Football PS2 and PSP 2021 Season Roster Releases

After a two year hiatus, I am back with a new 2021 roster update for the NCAA Football series on Playstation 2 and Playstation Portable. The rosters can be found on the links below. Playstation 2 Link: PSP Link:

College Football Coach v1.4 Release + Updates

Better late than never I guess.... I released the latest major update to College Football Coach: Career Edition at the beginning of November and it's seen a lot of positive feedback with some negatives. The biggest complaint is that previous Saves were now incompatible with the new version. This I apologize for, but it is a sacrifice I had to make for advancing the features of the game. The old saves were no longer formatted to work with the new features of the game. The other major drawback is that I set the Android compatibility to newer Android OS's only and only allowed it on phones with at least 2GB of RAM. This was mostly a decision to avoid headaches. MANY of my negative reviews, emails and support issues were related to users complaining that the game ran slow. Unfortunately, due to the amount of simulation data and the amount of teams in College Football, the game requires significant processing speed and RAM allotment to work well. Phones that are older and