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College Football Coach v1.4 Release + Updates

Better late than never I guess.... I released the latest major update to College Football Coach: Career Edition at the beginning of November and it's seen a lot of positive feedback with some negatives. The biggest complaint is that previous Saves were now incompatible with the new version. This I apologize for, but it is a sacrifice I had to make for advancing the features of the game. The old saves were no longer formatted to work with the new features of the game. The other major drawback is that I set the Android compatibility to newer Android OS's only and only allowed it on phones with at least 2GB of RAM. This was mostly a decision to avoid headaches. MANY of my negative reviews, emails and support issues were related to users complaining that the game ran slow. Unfortunately, due to the amount of simulation data and the amount of teams in College Football, the game requires significant processing speed and RAM allotment to work well. Phones that are older and
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College Football Coach v1.4 Release Candidate Beta + New Custom Data Files

There's a beta that's been available for a few weeks now on my latest version 1.4X of College Football Coach: Career Edition. This is a big update! It adds in the following new features: + 2019 Season + New Dashboard Feature + Re-Code major portions of the game for future improvements and speed + Add Save option before Recruiting + New Coordinator Positions! + Transfer Players - Now you can accept/decline + New Player Profile and Coach Profile Cards + Lots of UI updates + New Hall of Fame requirements + Updated Game Simulation with In-Game Injuries + General Injury System overhaul + More News Headlines and Stories + Small tweaks to various formulas within the entire game + Much more! Here is the link to the 2019 Custom Databases:

College Football Injuries & Realism

I'd like to spend a little bit of time today, very quickly, to go over a negative comment I keep seeing pop up in forums and on Play Store reviews. The topic is INJURIES and how realistic and how many there are. Many people now have given me negative reviews or feedback saying there are way too many injuries and it's not fair. I've never seen more than 5 or so injuries on a team at any given time. In fact, at some point, you can't because the logic of the game doesnt allow you to have TOO many injuries, otherwise the game will run out of players and it'll crash. Let's just say there's 6 injuries on your team at once, which is a bit high from my experience simming thousands of seasons of this game. Is that unrealistic? People who think this is unrealistic may not really pay attention to actual football rosters. Let's look at today. Here's Alabama's injury report: They have 4 players listed out for the season, another guy with a long

College Football Coach Roadmap

I took several months off from working on this game and I've started to come back to it with some minor UI changes and I think I'll continue to update some small things but also attack some more larger items in the near future. No timelines though, as this isn't a full-time job and just something I am doing on the side in my spare time. I also am not an experience programmer/developer and have been learning on the go with this project. But -- some items I'd like to do in the future: Re-structure of Data I am hoping to learn to how to sqLite or another database to use for storing data instead of text files for easier saving and modifying of data in the future.  Coordinator Positions I plan to add in Offensive and Defensive coordinator roles. These CPU controlled coordinators would be responsible for their side of the ball and can affect in-game and player growth. User Interface Changes I am hoping to add in some more modern Android navigation to the game

NCAA 06 for Playstation 2 - 2019 Rosters and Dynasty Mod

The latest 2019 Rosters and Dynasty Mod for NCAA 06 on Playstation 2 is now available! For more info please check out the OperationSports forum threads for downloads and comments: Dynasty Mod 2019 Roster

CFB Career Edition 2019 Update

A new version of the College Football Coach: Career Edition app has been pushed to the Google Play Store! This version includes some minor tweaks and new statistics for running backs and wide receivers. In addition, a new roster and universe has been updated for the 2019 season! Find the roster updates here:

College Football Coach: Career Edition v1.3.84

I dont typically post my daily change logs but I haven't done one in a while, so here's some recent tweaks. Lots of bug fixes and some improvements. v1.3.84 + Added more advanced realignment scenarios + Tweaked prestige calculations for rankings + Added Prestige Bonus for Facilities Upgrades + Fixed some text errors and updates to texts + Added more recruiting dollars for Coach Talent level