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NCAA PS2: Removing Conferences from FBS in a Dynasty

 Removing Conferences from FBS in a Dynasty

Among the plethora of new discoveries we've unlocked through hex editing, I did find out how to REMOVE conferences during dynasty play!

It was actually rather stupidly easy.

You basically just change League LGID to 1 in CONF for the conference you want to get rid of. Then change the teams in TEAM to the conference CGID/DGID you want to move them too. But here's the part that you have to do. You need to move a team, any team, to the old conference that you are removing from FBS. In this case, I just put a random FCS team or set of teams in there.

So, basically the game used to hang or crash when I tried this in the past because I did not have any teams in the WAC (CGID: 14), but through dumb what if experimentation this week, I found out that all I had to do was move any team to the WAC, and it works!

I actually ended up moving the MAC and WAC down to FCS, so I only have 9 conferences, and 1 independents right now in my League of 120 teams. 5 x 14 power conferences, 4 x 12 G4 conferences (American, MAC-USA, Mt West, Sun Belt), and 2 independents (Notre Dame and UMass)