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Tutorial: How to install PS2 Rosters using FreeMcBoot and uLaunchELF

Tutorial: How to Mod NBA 2K13 to NBA 2K16 for PSP

All Files are here. NBA 2K13 Image (this is not in the link) - THIS IS FOR USA VERSION ONLY! UMDGen NBA2K16 Mod File "0" NBA2K16 Graphics 1. Create using UMDGen or obtain a NBA 2K13 PSP ISO image. 2. Unzip the NBA2K16 Mod files. There should be three total files. 3. Open UMDGen, and open your 2K13 ISO file. 4. Go to PSP_GAME. Then drag the two image files to the window and replace the existing files. 5. Go to PSP_GAME/USRDIR. Then drag the 0 file and replace existing file. 6. Save as uncompressed iso. You MUST use a new name. You cannot overwrite the original ISO. 7. Done! Here's how I did this mod:

PSP XMB Mods for NCAA Football 10 and NBA 2K13

I decided to mod the PSP icons for NBA 2K13 and NCAA Football 10 to show NBA 2K16 and NCAA Football 16 as shown in the video above. These games have also been modded with default 2015-16 rosters and some other minor modifications.  I can't really legally post these since this mods the entire game, but I can probably post the photos for people who want to mod it themselves.

NBA 2K PSP Modding Team Names

This seemed to not crash. I haven't tried adding the "s" to Pelicans though. I have a feeling that'll crash, but who knows. I am going to play around a bit more. So far this is only the Team Select screen for a Quick Play mode. Update: So Here's a quick review of what I did. I opened up a roster save in a hex editor. I scrolled down to a bank of team/city names. And basically I modified each hexadecimal to match the new team name. But I can only sub letter for letter - I can't add or delete because that crashes. So Pelican is Pelican... I also found out two file names are attached The first one is XXX.iff -- the iff corresponds to team uniforms number. The second one is XXX.pbf -- this corresponds to the team logo number. I also found the Sonics in this section, but their team is disabled and I don't know how to enable them unfortunately. It'd be great to play the '96 team. You can play AGAINST them in the Jordan Challenge mode, but for some reason

NBA 2K13 PSP to NBA 2K16 Conversion Diary

Update: SUCCESS!!! See the video above! Follow the log below ;) Finding that 2K13 Roster for PSP the other day got my head churning a bit. I had been trying to look into modding NBA2K13 for PSP for a while but the task seemed more daunting than EA Sports. As you can see in the screenshot above, the NBA2K UMD only has 3 data files in it, and it's titled 1, 2, 3. Not very descriptive. Obviously they are compressed packages, but finding something to uncompress it wasn't easy. Thankfully, I found Game Extractor by Watto Studios, and this was able to successfully open the file. Unfortunately, as expected, the package opened up hundreds of smaller files that were also named 0,1,2 etc. So again, not very descriptive. Reading these files in a hex editor determined that there's a ton of texture (TXTR) files, scene files (SCNE), and something called CSRS files among other things. I took a saved roster file and looked at the file size of it ~800kbs and started sorting and screening t

2015-16 PSP Sports Gaming Collection

Here's a link to a collection of 2015-16 Rosters for a variety of sports titles for Playstation Portable that I've either modified myself or have collected through the google searches or through the help of Reeshmd23! This will keep that handheld console more current! :) Included are: NCAA Football 07 and NCAA Football 10 - Created/Ported by myself Madden NFL 08 and Madden NFL 12 - Created/Ported by myself MLB The Show 11 - 2016 Opening Day - Created by a Korean blogger NBA 2K13 - 2015-16 Season - EU version Created by 2KShares, but ported to NA PSP release and updated for the end of the season by myself NHL 07

NCAA Football 06 Revival PS2 Cover

Here's a cover I made randomly using a template I found online.