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NBA 2K PSP Modding Team Names

This seemed to not crash. I haven't tried adding the "s" to Pelicans though. I have a feeling that'll crash, but who knows. I am going to play around a bit more. So far this is only the Team Select screen for a Quick Play mode.


So Here's a quick review of what I did. I opened up a roster save in a hex editor. I scrolled down to a bank of team/city names. And basically I modified each hexadecimal to match the new team name. But I can only sub letter for letter - I can't add or delete because that crashes.

So Pelican is Pelican...

I also found out two file names are attached

The first one is XXX.iff -- the iff corresponds to team uniforms number.
The second one is XXX.pbf -- this corresponds to the team logo number.

I also found the Sonics in this section, but their team is disabled and I don't know how to enable them unfortunately. It'd be great to play the '96 team. You can play AGAINST them in the Jordan Challenge mode, but for some reason, they are the one team that's left out of Quick Play mode from the legend teams.