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College Football Coach v1.3.0 BETA Available

A few BETA versions of the v1.3.0 update for College Football Coach: Career Edition is now available on the Google Play Store. This can be accessed by going to the Play Store page for the game and clicking the JOIN BETA button. The BETA tests several new features: * Fully customizable conferences and teams * Realistic database * New scheduling logic * New Promotion/Relegation logic * New disciplinary logic * Code Optimizations * Changes to order of operations in code * Save file fixer * Retain data feature for android memory issues More features possibly on the way and already part of code/save data * Team Budgets -- gain budgets from home game sales + wins * Team Facility upgrades -- helps player progression and prestige * Disciplinary score -- goes up and down as you have team issues -- too low will cause severe penalties * Disciplinary Action Options * Transfer Player Options * Possible recruiting changes