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Several New Features added to v1.1.x of College Football Coach: Career Edition

        I released a big update yesterday after sitting down listening to music and having a free friday evening. I squashed several bugs that people posted such as various text errors, team highlighting and a game sim error (using the wrong playbook!) Mid-Season Player Progression This new feature lets players who have been playing either as a starter or a sub to increase some of their stats during the course of the season. At week 6, the progress is calculated and the new overall for players who have seen enough change in their abilities to push their overall up are displayed in both a pop-up and a new icon next to their name in the roster page for a couple weeks. UI Enhancements After the season is over, I had disabled many of the buttons. These are all re-enabled now. Roster Page: The roster page will now display your team's roster for getting ready for the draft. After graduation, your player's new ratings will be shown with a (+X) icon next to the overall rating to see th

College Football Coach: Career Edition Official Release After 6 months of development, I am finally going to release a stable version of College Football Coach: Career Edition. This has been a fun project that to learn Java & Android programming and to expand upon an already time-waster game, Football Coach by Achi Jones. I've luckily had a great resource of testers for this app via Reddit and my friends/family. It's gone through a lot of make overs and feature changes. I'm pretty happy with where it's at now. There is also an iOS fork of the original game in development by Aksay Easwaran ( that has some of this versions new elements in it, and is on the App Store. Anyway, here's high level list of the hundreds and thousands of new code I put into this project. Implemented Updates/Features: [General] Game Editor: Ability to edit team names, conference names, and coach names Career Mode: Start as a new hire coach and work you

College Football Career Edition April Updates

It's been a couple months since any updates have been made to this game but I had some free time this week after my day job to add in some new features this month.  The new features include: Added second Safety position Added in All-Freshman Team Awards Hide Potential Rating (replaced with Predicted Future Rating) Removed Overall/Potential rating from Recruiting / Replaced with Scout Grade Balanced Offense Strategies (Spread/West Coast Offense tweaks) Added Settings option for FULL Play-By-Play Game Log (slower!) Beginnings of a step-by-step Tutorial system Some other features I'm working on are special teams simulation improvements, and continuing to work on recruiting enhancements. As usual, you can find the latest working versions on GitHub at