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College Football Coach: Career Edition Official Release

After 6 months of development, I am finally going to release a stable version of College Football Coach: Career Edition. This has been a fun project that to learn Java & Android programming and to expand upon an already time-waster game, Football Coach by Achi Jones.

I've luckily had a great resource of testers for this app via Reddit and my friends/family. It's gone through a lot of make overs and feature changes. I'm pretty happy with where it's at now. There is also an iOS fork of the original game in development by Aksay Easwaran ( that has some of this versions new elements in it, and is on the App Store.

Anyway, here's high level list of the hundreds and thousands of new code I put into this project.

Implemented Updates/Features:
  • [General]
  • Game Editor: Ability to edit team names, conference names, and coach names
  • Career Mode: Start as a new hire coach and work your way to the top! Just don't get fired!
  • Expanded universe (i.e. 120 teams and new conferences)
  • Import Custom Conferences & Teams and Bowl Names from text file via Phone Storage
  • Import Custom Rosters from text file
  • Import Custom Coaches from text file
  • 12 Team Conferences
  • Expanded to 18 Bowl Games + CFB Playoffs
  • Names database is now over 20,000 first and last names
  • Improved scheduling logic (Out of Conf schedule changes each season)
  • More in-depth News and Features updated
  • Geographic Home Regions *
  • [Game Simulation]
  • New Player Positions (TE, DL, LB, 2x S, Subs, Walk-Ons, etc.)
  • New Head Coach position which affects player progression
  • More Player Attribute UPDATED
  • New Sim Game logic UPDATED
  • New plays & actions within game simulation UPDATED
  • New offense/defense schemes (5 on offense/4 on defense)
  • Simulated In-Game Substitutions
  • Defensive Player stats & tracking
  • Off-season Coaching changes & Infraction system for balancing gameplay
  • CPU Strategies based on head coach UPDATED
  • Updates with internal game algorithms UPDATED
  • Improved poll logic for weeding out smaller conference/weaker schedules
  • Improved prestige growth/decline logic UPDATED
  • Medical Redshirting
  • Undergrad & Graduate Transfers UPDATED
  • Walk-Ons
  • Player Suspensions and Dismissals
  • Overhaul of Recruiting Algorithms and methodology UPDATED *
  • [Interface]
  • UI Re-Design (more buttons!) UPDATED
  • Updated material design UPDATED
  • League History UPDATED
  • Team history
  • AP Poll History Menu
  • More team and player stats UPDATED
  • Coaching Stats UPDATED
  • Player Individual Rankings Menu UPDATED
  • Game Summary Box Scores UPDATED
  • Weekly Scoreboard
  • Rivalry Games denoted on schedule
  • Upcoming games news feature
  • New Heisman Watch
  • New Options Menu
  • New Icons
  • Other things under the hood