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College Football Coach v1.4 Release + Updates

Better late than never I guess.... I released the latest major update to College Football Coach: Career Edition at the beginning of November and it's seen a lot of positive feedback with some negatives. The biggest complaint is that previous Saves were now incompatible with the new version. This I apologize for, but it is a sacrifice I had to make for advancing the features of the game. The old saves were no longer formatted to work with the new features of the game. The other major drawback is that I set the Android compatibility to newer Android OS's only and only allowed it on phones with at least 2GB of RAM. This was mostly a decision to avoid headaches. MANY of my negative reviews, emails and support issues were related to users complaining that the game ran slow. Unfortunately, due to the amount of simulation data and the amount of teams in College Football, the game requires significant processing speed and RAM allotment to work well. Phones that are older and