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NCAA Roster Additions and Other Updates

Over the past few days I've been slowly making some changes and additions to the Files section that haven't necessarily been posted in an article here nor at one of the two forums I frequent for sports gaming. The files section, you'll find updates to: NCAA 07 PSP: Updated NCAA 2015 roster New historical rosters folder, which includes NCAA 2005-2008 rosters. I'm still trying to figure out issues with 09-11 right now. NCAA 10 PSP: Updated 2015 roster NCAA PS2: Updated 2015 roster 2010-2011 rosters NCAA PS3 to PS2/PSP Porting Tool: I have made it a universal tool now, with v0.17 uploaded. There are several fixes and accessories optimizations included. More work to come. Other stuff: I've been working with a great team of folks at Football Idiot/Operation Sports and trying to make a more modern NCAA 06/NCAA 07 game. We've got Volwalker working on playbooks and a few others working on uniform updates. I believe most of these files will port over to the two consoles

Porting PS3 NCAA 14 Rosters to PS2/PSP

Conversion tool version 0.25 is now released! This is a bit more automated, so please read the README for information on how to use it. Modifying PS3 to PS2 and PSP is pretty intensive because there are a good 50% or more attributes in the PS3/360 generation games versus the previous generation, some attributes are called different things, and the way they are adjusted is totally different. On top of that, you can't determine player names or the school they are associated with without a conversion tool. I am working on an Excel Workbook tool to help ease the pain. NCAA PS3/XBOX360 Roster Port to NCAA PS2/PSP (and Vita) Excel Tool Hopefully someone can use this to create a windows/osx or web-based tool to make it simpler. Here's a  LINK  to the initial editors. There's some really preliminary instructions in the NFO tab. More instruction coming later. Basic directions: Extract the unencrypted Roster save from your PS3 or XBOX 360 roster you want to port. Using Xanthanol'

NCAA 2015 Roster for Playstation 2 NCAA 06

I ran into a small community of folks who have been working at modding NCAA 06 on a couple different sites and I figured, hey if it works on PSP, why not PS2? So I gave it a whirl, and threw it out on the internet for a few people to test out. And it worked! Blindly trying to make a roster update, with surprisingly decent results. I am posting my latest, third test, of the PS2 roster here. It was originally just a direct port of the PSP one I ported over from PS3 but now there are a few minor changes from it. First, PSP is weird. It only has capitalized names. So it doesn't matter which case you use, it'll show up ALL CAPS. PS2 actually is case-sensitive. While I am still trying to to tweak my excel function to do this right, I made a temporary fix. First letters of each First and Last name will be capitalized, while the remaining letters are lower-cased. Secondly, PSP doesn't ever have student athletes without their helmets on. So really, player heads and hair don't re

NCAA PSP/PS2 DB Viewer v0.1

PS2/PSP DB Viewer version 0.1 Download  Here  This is an Excel Workbook that currently lets you input a CSV file that you've exported from DB Editor and translates into something less foreign. There's a few worksheets within the workbook. 1. Input In this worksheet, you copy or import the CSV file here, starting at Column A1! I already pasted a Named NCAA 11 PS2 roster as an example. 2. Conversions This worksheet is a bunch of conversion tables for making things easier to read. It's used heavily in the Viewer. 3. Viewer The Viewer worksheet takes all the inputted data and converts all the numbers into letters and then into actual player names. It also converts ratings from cryptic land to a traditional 0-100 rating system. It'll also translate the student's college, spit out the college ID, give you his position and his class status. Sorting is enabled. Editing is not because I don't want you to ruin the formulas. You can always SAVE AS CSV or XLS to edit. Howev

NCAA 2007 Conference Re-Alignment Test Part 2

I got the teams in the right places, and the conferences with the right names now. Now how do I get it to not crash after Week 1 simming? I got every team assigned to their current day conference, renamed all the conferences and sub-divisions. This isn't an easy task for someone not experienced with editing though. Required hex editing and importing csv files and modding your PSP. I had to change a dbtable column from a large binary to a small bit because dbeditor crashes when loading two binaries in the TEAM db in dynasty save. This could be an issue. Not sure. I'm also looking at other tables now to see if there are dependencies to the realigned conferences/divisions/teams.

NCAA PSP Conference Realignment Trial

Tried to do a mod to NCAA 07 on PSP last night where I updated teams for NCAA conference realignment. As you can see in the video, the Conference names and Sub-Divisions show up correctly, however the teams do not correctly populate. I opened up a Dynasty and modified the following databases: CONF - Conference IDs DIVI - Division IDs STTM - what looks to be Teams -> Conf/Division IDs The STTM database, for whatever reason, does not allow me to change the Division ID number above "14" which is really odd because the original database has teams with IDs of "15."

NCAA for PSP 2015-2016 Season Updates

NCAA 10 (2009-2010) Save Slot 1 NCAA 10 (2010-2011) Save Slot 2 NCAA 10 (2015-2016) Save Slot 1 NCAA 07 (2015-2016) Save Slot 2 Note: This will work on PSP, PPSSPP, PS Vita, and PS TV.  PS2 users - Try this  test version  for NCAA 06 on Playstation 2.  Files located here   Introduction Hello! I don't think anyone has done this yet. I just picked up a used PSP recently as well as a PSTV so I could get my NCAA fix on (only have a PS4 console now). I had to do A LOT of digging and a A LOT of experimenting, but my success of porting Madden PC rosters to Madden PSP sure helped a lot. Anyway, I found the amazing Operation Sports Community NCAA 10 roster for PS2 and ported it over to PSP. The file is attached to this post. Just extract it and put the folder into your /PSP/SAVEDATA folder. NCAA 2015-2016 Update! I will first like to thank Vikesfan059 for permission to use and port over his team's amazing work on their NCAA 14 PS3 roster. This wouldn't have even been a remote idea

Madden PSP Roster Updates & Mods Download 2015-2016 Season

ROSTER AND FRANCHISE FILES Files for Madden 08 and Madden 12 for Playstation Portable (PSP), Playstation Vita, and Playstation TV Updated: January 24, 2016 FILES: download link:   Madden Rosters & Franchises Rosters:  This 2015 season roster used RogerJinx's Madden 08 PC roster as a base, which was imported and converted from EA's official Madden 16 update. Please note that you will see some positional overall ratings really high, especially fullbacks. This is due to how 16 calculates vs how the older Maddens calculate overall. Features: Regular Season Week 15 roster base from RogerJinx/EA Madden 16 ratings 1867 Players for Madden 12 / 1962 Players for Madden 08 in database Player portraits set to None Fixed Skin Tones Auto Depth Chart No starting injuries Bug: Do not start a Madden 08 Franchise with this roster. It will crash. Separate Franchise files are included. Franchises:   Franchise saves are included because they can be more heavily updated without doing mods to you

Porting PS2 NCAA Rosters to PSP NCAA Games

TUTORIALS: 1. Porting PS2 to PSP 2. Porting PS3 to PSP/PS2 - Coming Soon! Tutorial to Port PS2 to PSP (and vice-versa) Tools: PS2 Save Builder Madden DB Editor 3.0 deemerh.prx unencrypted save plugin for a modified cFW PSP. The PS2 file of your choice that you want to port Steps: 1. Usually PS2 saves are in ActionReplay or XPort format, so use  Save Builder to extract the BASLUS unencrypted ps2 save file. 2. Load up Madden DB Editor and open the PS2 save file. Then, on the left side, there should be 3 items. Click each item and a table loads. After loading, export to CSV for each one. The PLAY one is the most important, since thats the players database. The others are team attributes and depth chart. Since this takes a while, you can do the next steps concurrently.... 2. Enable deemerh plugin on psp, and start NCAA. Save the roster and exit game. 3. Attach PSP to computer and pull out the roster file from your /PSP/SAVEPLAIN folder. The folder will end in something like 0010. 4. After

Madden PSP Roster Editing / Porting / Modding

Tutorials The PSP Madden series (and NCAA?) shares a lot of similarities and file structures to the ones on PS2 and PC so many of the same tools and tips developed for the PC version work for this series! There's been a lot of great tools and tutorials built around Madden 08 at FootballFreaks/FootballIdiot that paved the way for me to experiment on PSP using similar techniques. Software Tools Basic Roster Editing/Importing Expanding Roster database size Creating Madden 08 Franchise from Madden 12 Franchise Importing/Editing Coaches Transferring existing Franchises to different Madden PSP Graphics Modding Game Settings Mods Tools required: NZA 2.0 Madden 08 PC Editor DB Editor 3.0 for Madden 08 PC Spreadsheet program (e.g. Excel) PSP with cFW  Deemerh.prx plugin for PSP, that is already set up. For my Mac setup, I used VirtualBox with WinXP though I was able to use Wine as well for the PC applications. - - - Basic Roster Editing Creating base files: 1) Open Madden using default rost