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NCAA PSP/PS2 DB Viewer v0.1

PS2/PSP DB Viewer version 0.1

Download Here 

This is an Excel Workbook that currently lets you input a CSV file that you've exported from DB Editor and translates into something less foreign.

There's a few worksheets within the workbook.

1. Input
In this worksheet, you copy or import the CSV file here, starting at Column A1!
I already pasted a Named NCAA 11 PS2 roster as an example.

2. Conversions
This worksheet is a bunch of conversion tables for making things easier to read. It's used heavily in the Viewer.

3. Viewer
The Viewer worksheet takes all the inputted data and converts all the numbers into letters and then into actual player names. It also converts ratings from cryptic land to a traditional 0-100 rating system. It'll also translate the student's college, spit out the college ID, give you his position and his class status. Sorting is enabled. Editing is not because I don't want you to ruin the formulas. You can always SAVE AS CSV or XLS to edit.

However be aware that the viewer isnt in the proper format to import back into your save. 

4. Export

I'll add this in the near future. This will let you save as a CSV and import it into your save in the correct format.