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2015 Xbox roster for NCAA Football 06

I created a test roster for NCAA Football 06 on Xbox/Xbox 360. If you would like to try it out and provide feedback, please visit the thread on!

NCAA Football 06 on PS2 Roster/Mod v5 Updates!

I am continually tweaking and improving the 2015 rosters for NCAA Football 06 as I dive more and learn more into how the rosters are created and how we can modify them for the better. v5 is now available for NCAA Football 06 (only) and I've also updated the accompanying Conf Realignment mod files to go with it. The new update expands the hair style choices to the full gauntlet of hair, now that I understand what each hair style does. It's still randomly generated, but it's a bit smarter as to how it picks hair styles. Maybe I'll improve this more later on. I've also fixed some depth chart issues related to Kick-Off Specialists. For some reason, and this hasn't been patched, when you choose Auto-Depth Chart, some teams have random players as kickers. I manually went in and set a kicker or punter as a KOS for every team. Body shapes/sizes are still being improved and this roster still uses the v2 model I created. I had been testing out a v3 model which was Body Ma

Football Chairman League Packs

Football Chairman is one of the most addicting easy to pickup sports management games for mobile devices. I've been playing it since the Lite version came out a couple years ago and just recently got back into it with the premium Pro version. In this game, you are the owner of a club and are trying to take your team through seven divisions of association football while managing money, stadium,  concessions, staff and coaches and of course players. It's a fun challenge and one of the cool parts of the new pro edition is the ability to use custom leagues. I created a couple ones recently that I can share with you all, below. Released: ID 213134 English Football Association This pack is just a name for of the existing default data the game comes with. It fixes a few team names, league names, cup and trophies, and makes Leicester a bit better than where they are by default. ID 213340 Club Championship This pack modifies an existing user made package which takes the top clubs in th

PS2 NCAA Football Player Models

PS2 player models are controlled by a few different variables: Height, Weight, Face Shape, Body Size and Muscle Size are ones we've determined so far. Here's a chart of a quick DOE I ran on what happens in the in-game appearance editor vs what I initially typed in vs what ends up being in the save file database once saved. The first columns are what my % I inputed. The 2nd column is what happens when you make that change, exit the appearance editor, and go back in. The game recalculates.... And the third column is what's in the save data afterward. Trying to make a good body shape is going to be a challenge as the body size has really no correlation from what I can tell... Except that when you start fooling around with the height/weight of a player, those numbers change magically on their own. The goal, then, would be to derived the formula used to come up with the percentages based on height and weight?

Major releases: NCAA Football rosters for PS2/PSP V3, Conversion Porting Tool v0.30, and Conf Realignment Mod v1.7

A major bug was discovered recently by Cuberoster and with the help of Harry97, I've updated every single roster for NCAA Football on PS2 (06/11) and PSP (07/10) to version 3.0. This bug fixes skill ratings and attributes for the entire roster. I also fixed a bug when starting a new dynasty in PS2 and FAU/FIU not having any rosters. In addition, I've updated the PS3 Porting tool with the new conversion table and formulas, and updated the demo dynasties in the Conference Realignment mod. All updates can now be found in the Antdroid Download section!

NCAA Football Ratings improvements and Roster Editor coming soon...

Well, it's been brought to my attention that there were some really low strength and awareness ratings on many players in the NCAA Football rosters. I reviewed the comments and definitely agree with the commenter(s)... but then I went deeper and discovered that basically every attribute skill rating needs tweaking. Basically, I did not do a thorough enough job of reviewing all the ratings and how they are calculated. I made an assumption that the rating was a number (68) added to the value in the raw database to get you the rating, which is fairly accurate for the last 15 or so upper ratings, but below say 84, the ratings do not follow that formula. It's a weird formula after that that's not simple but affects player ratings quite a bit. Anyway, I think I have the thing nailed down now, and I created a lookup table of every rating 0-100 and what the database value should be. I'm still trying to see if the game will accept this new value or not, as I'm having issues

NCAA Football PS3 to PS2/PSP Conversion Tool v0.25 Released

A cleaner and more streamlined version of the NCAA Football PS3 to PS2/PSP conversion tool is now available in the Downloads section. Please check out the readme for how to use it as it's been changed a bit. New features: Macros for auto populating fields Lighter design No more manual editing of rosters anymore Future version will have an improved player body shape generator as we improve that model.

NCAA Football Realignment Mod v1.6 released! PS2 and PSP Support Now!

The PS2 conference realignment mod is now completed and seems to work pretty smoothly, even on my SCHP-75001 slim console and PSP Go as well as emulators I've tried! Hooray! The file is available in the Downloads section under PSP or PS2. Please read the README file for information on installing it. There is also two already created save files that start you as the University of Washington Huskies. You can read the instructions on how to modify the team you want to start with. This mod should be able to be used on already existing dynasties as long as you do it in the offseason AND BACKUP YOUR SAVES!