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NCAA Football 06 on PS2 Roster/Mod v5 Updates!

I am continually tweaking and improving the 2015 rosters for NCAA Football 06 as I dive more and learn more into how the rosters are created and how we can modify them for the better.

v5 is now available for NCAA Football 06 (only) and I've also updated the accompanying Conf Realignment mod files to go with it.

The new update expands the hair style choices to the full gauntlet of hair, now that I understand what each hair style does. It's still randomly generated, but it's a bit smarter as to how it picks hair styles. Maybe I'll improve this more later on.

I've also fixed some depth chart issues related to Kick-Off Specialists. For some reason, and this hasn't been patched, when you choose Auto-Depth Chart, some teams have random players as kickers. I manually went in and set a kicker or punter as a KOS for every team.

Body shapes/sizes are still being improved and this roster still uses the v2 model I created. I had been testing out a v3 model which was Body Mass Index (BMI) based, but I was getting frankenplayers, and I did not like it.


  1. Thanks! It's awesome to see that people are still playing this. I've been emulating this game for awhile and trying to figure out custom conferences. So this will hopefully get me started!

  2. Hope you enjoy it. I will be working on a 2016 version of the rosters this week when I have time. You can follow my updates on the NCAA Football Rosters forum at


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