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College Football Coach: Career Edition Update Roundup

There have been a myriad of new features and updates to College Football Coach: Career Edition on Android that I've put out over the past month and haven't blogged about. Just to recap the updates, here is a list and description of some of the major ones: Show Potential Option By high demand, the Potential option is back in the game. As a reminder, the potential in this version is not going to tell you the actual Potential rating, because I feel like that makes the game dumbed down a bit. What it will show you is a predicted overall score based on varying factors. This score is what the game, at the time, predicts the PEAK level that player can achieve is, which is based on full playing time, meeting some goals, and the coach/team ability/ratings. It's more than likely that no player will reach this potential, but some may eclipse it. Even & Odd Team Count Conference Structure This is an important update. It allows full customization for league structure now since the p