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Modding Guides

Editing and Modding Guides

Installing PS2 Rosters and Saves
How to install rosters using Free McBoot / uLaunchELF homebrew on Playstation 2

NBA 2K13 to NBA 2K16 Mod and Video of using UMDGen
How to use UMDGen to modify a game / example: NBA 2K13 to NBA 2K16 patch

Madden NFL PS2/PSP Roster Editing
A lot of information on extracting rosters, editing rosters, porting, and modding Madden on PSP
How to use my NCAA Football PSP roster database viewer

NCAA Football PSP Porting PS2 Rosters
How to port PS2 rosters to PSP
How to port PS3 or XBOX360 rosters to PSP or PS2

NCAA Football PSP Uniforms and Helmet Swapping
Swapping out NCAA 07 Uniforms and Helmets with ones from NCAA 10