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College Football Coach: Career Edition - Expanded College Football Playoffs and More

This weekend will see another set of new features for the Android edition of College Football Coach: Career Edition, which is available on the Google Play Store for free! I've been working on some popular new features that have been requested for months. Firstly, I have several bug fixes that should help stabilize the game, as well as a lot of additional code optimization to help with memory and game speed. Now, I have been working on the Expanded College Football Playoffs. This new mode will completely replace the Bowl Games and will take 16 teams to a playoff system after the Conference Championships. It's very important that you win the Conf Title, as it'll guarantee admission to the 16-team playoff. The other 6 at-large bids will be taken with the next 6 best seeded teams that did not win their conference title, so more than likely, these will go to the Power Conference teams. With this new change, I've also made a small tweak to the Calendar. There is now 25 full w

NCAA Football for Playstation 2 & PSP: Rosters and Dynasty Mod v3 Released

I have released the latest and possibly final version of the 2018-19 Rosters and Dynasty Mod for NCAA Football on Playstation 2 and Playstation Portable. The update has every team updated using the data from the Operation Sports community. Special thanks for Pinbw, Vikesfan and his PS3 editing team, and the Xbox 360 editing team. Without them, this roster could not have been ported and created! To download and more info, please go to the following link:

College Football Coach: Game Editing Features Added

The latest version, published last night, has a couple tools built-in to it. There will be a series of planned upgrades over the next week (hopefully) to have some built-in tools for customizing the game universe as easy as possible. Hopefully this will help address some of the challenges of importing data. The Universe file to start a custom league now supports CSV formatting. This is "comma-separated-values". For now, the file name must still end in TXT for the game to recognize it but the formatting as CSV should make things easier to edit in Excel or a CSV editor. The previous method had spaces after each comma, making it a little bit of a pain since each space caused errors. The Roster and Coach files already were in this csv format. The game now has some built-in repair tools to help correct any detected errors in player, team and coach data. This will help auto-resolve some issues with importing data. It may not catch all though - its really meant to just catch issues

College Football Coach: Career Edition v1.2.30 Released to Play Store

Description and List of Changes: New Start Game Menu New Game Step-by-Step Options This is to simplify the process of starting a universe. For "NEW GAME" you will be guided to pick a Prestige choice - i.e. default (realistic), randomize, or equalize. The Equalize is new. This sets every team to the same prestige and then let the game dictate how teams succeed and fail without any pre-game bias. After choosing a starting option, you will be presented with more universe options including if you want to be able to be fired (career mode) or not (dynasty mode), enable in-game conf realignment, go crazy and make the whole universe a soccer-like promotion/relegation tier system, and enable/disable television contracts After that, you will be asked to pick a team, then your username, and then the game starts. This was done because I feel like the Settings menu is like a secret or something. People don't realize it's there. Also the universal pro/rel system is hidden the major