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College Football Coach: Game Editing Features Added

The latest version, published last night, has a couple tools built-in to it. There will be a series of planned upgrades over the next week (hopefully) to have some built-in tools for customizing the game universe as easy as possible. Hopefully this will help address some of the challenges of importing data.

  1. The Universe file to start a custom league now supports CSV formatting. This is "comma-separated-values". For now, the file name must still end in TXT for the game to recognize it but the formatting as CSV should make things easier to edit in Excel or a CSV editor. The previous method had spaces after each comma, making it a little bit of a pain since each space caused errors. The Roster and Coach files already were in this csv format.
  2. The game now has some built-in repair tools to help correct any detected errors in player, team and coach data. This will help auto-resolve some issues with importing data. It may not catch all though - its really meant to just catch issues with spacing or blank lines.
  3. There is now an EXPORT LEAGUE tool. This is to help me debug errors from users who arent rooted. This will spit out a copy of your current save file to your phone's storage. It'll go to /Android/data/cfb.antdroid/data/Documents/ by default. If you do have an error, feel free to export this data and send me a PM or upload it somewhere and I can review the data for bugs.

Coming soon.

  1. I've been working on a new in-game editor that has more features than the current in-game editor. This new one was a work in progress and then I stopped working on it months ago but changed a couple lines of code last night and it's working pretty well now. I still have some bugs to fix but the editor will allow you to change Conference names, team names, team prestige, team rivals, head coach names. That the current limitation right now until I add more features. It'll also be easier to edit multiple teams at a time with drop down menus as opposed to the current editor in the game.
  2. Export Data feature. As mentioned in #3 above, I will also try to add a tool to export conference names, team names, bowl game names, and player data to a text/csv file that will be easily viewed and be edited. That means, I'm going to try to implement some new Import Data functions to allow you to customize or edit select data on the fly. This could be used for "cheating" but it can also be used if you're bored with Bowl Names for example. I'll consider other data that can become editable in the future.
  3. I guess with this export function, I'll probably start looking at a Draft Class export feature as well. It will serve zero purpose for now. But if Pro Football Coach was ever updated again to take that file, maybe it'll come in handy. I don't currently have plans on making a Pro version because my vision of it is to make it a very accurate sim but I dont really know how I want to tackle that right now especially with a limited amount of free time.
  4. I had also started an idea of making an external app that could edit game data and consider charging $1 for it or something, but we'll see. Most of this data, in theory, should be easily editable as-is and the in game editor can do a good chunk of it already. I dont think many people are even aware that it exists. :)

Anyway, I'll probably continue to try to put some of these little small additions into the game so you may see some more Play Store updates in the near future. I will try to not to corrupt saves due to these changes but I can't guarantee everything. Major features will still see a version number roll to 1.3.xx (right now we are at 1.2.32), and those typically will require a new game save since the features changes will make old saves invalid.