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College Football Coach Roadmap

I took several months off from working on this game and I've started to come back to it with some minor UI changes and I think I'll continue to update some small things but also attack some more larger items in the near future. No timelines though, as this isn't a full-time job and just something I am doing on the side in my spare time. I also am not an experience programmer/developer and have been learning on the go with this project. But -- some items I'd like to do in the future: Re-structure of Data I am hoping to learn to how to sqLite or another database to use for storing data instead of text files for easier saving and modifying of data in the future.  Coordinator Positions I plan to add in Offensive and Defensive coordinator roles. These CPU controlled coordinators would be responsible for their side of the ball and can affect in-game and player growth. User Interface Changes I am hoping to add in some more modern Android navigation to the game

NCAA 06 for Playstation 2 - 2019 Rosters and Dynasty Mod

The latest 2019 Rosters and Dynasty Mod for NCAA 06 on Playstation 2 is now available! For more info please check out the OperationSports forum threads for downloads and comments: Dynasty Mod 2019 Roster

CFB Career Edition 2019 Update

A new version of the College Football Coach: Career Edition app has been pushed to the Google Play Store! This version includes some minor tweaks and new statistics for running backs and wide receivers. In addition, a new roster and universe has been updated for the 2019 season! Find the roster updates here: