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College Football Coach Roadmap

I took several months off from working on this game and I've started to come back to it with some minor UI changes and I think I'll continue to update some small things but also attack some more larger items in the near future. No timelines though, as this isn't a full-time job and just something I am doing on the side in my spare time. I also am not an experience programmer/developer and have been learning on the go with this project.

But -- some items I'd like to do in the future:

Re-structure of Data

I am hoping to learn to how to sqLite or another database to use for storing data instead of text files for easier saving and modifying of data in the future. 

Coordinator Positions

I plan to add in Offensive and Defensive coordinator roles. These CPU controlled coordinators would be responsible for their side of the ball and can affect in-game and player growth.

User Interface Changes

I am hoping to add in some more modern Android navigation to the game. This is probably an easier update than the rest, at least on the surface. A side swiping navigation bar should help with providing more real estate for game data.


I don't know currently how I want to tackle recruiting, but I dont think I plan on doing it how Football Coach 2 and NCAA Football does it, because that's time consuming and I want this game to be a quick game. That said, I want to make a LARGE pool of players that every team can pull from -- that's not how it works today. The player pool available is only for the user team, while CPU teams get a random generated distribution of players based on their prestige and coach rating.

I am thinking of having some sort of draft thing, but each team would still be limited to what their team's prestige is to who they can pull from. This, of course, would create a lot more parity in the game, which could be good or bad. Not sure until I try and optimize I guess. 

Play-by-Play Watching

I'd like to start with having a pop-up window to show each play by play occur on screen, instead of simulating and viewing it after the fact. This could be time consuming so I may have an option to just skip to scoring and turnovers. We'll see....

Mid-Game Adjustments

I may go down three paths here:
1. Keep it the way it is now with no mid-game adjustments
2. Do full play-by-play calling.
3. Do quarterly adjustments to both depth chart and strategy.


I have seen a lot of complaints about injuries. To be honest, if you recruit players that arent prone to injury, or have a decent mix of durability ratings, then the game's injury occurrences match to actual reality. I have done a lot  of work to verify that the statistics of this game match real-world data. There can always be some outliers just like in real-life too.

The way injuries are done today is all calculated at the end of a game simulation. So injuries aren't factored in mid-way through a game. I'd like to change that, but I need to do it in a way where there's not an over-abundance of them. So need to figure out how best to do this.