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Porting PS3 NCAA 14 Rosters to PS2/PSP

Conversion tool version 0.25 is now released! This is a bit more automated, so please read the README for information on how to use it.

Modifying PS3 to PS2 and PSP is pretty intensive because there are a good 50% or more attributes in the PS3/360 generation games versus the previous generation, some attributes are called different things, and the way they are adjusted is totally different. On top of that, you can't determine player names or the school they are associated with without a conversion tool. I am working on an Excel Workbook tool to help ease the pain.

NCAA PS3/XBOX360 Roster Port to NCAA PS2/PSP (and Vita) Excel Tool
Hopefully someone can use this to create a windows/osx or web-based tool to make it simpler.

Here's a LINK to the initial editors.
There's some really preliminary instructions in the NFO tab. More instruction coming later.

Basic directions:
Extract the unencrypted Roster save from your PS3 or XBOX 360 roster you want to port.

Using Xanthanol's NCAA Dynasty Editor, load up the roster and export the Players database to CSV.

Open this Porting Tool, and import all the data in the Player CSV into the Import tab. (the tab already is populated with a Vikefan059's PS3 save with permission. Please don't distribute anything without his permission first!!)

Once imported, you need to do a tricky step. Go to the Names tab. All the names will be populated if you imported the data correctly. Now you have to highlight the First names, all of them, and use Excel's Text to Columns function in the Data menu. Start the conversion in the first first name column. Then do the same for Last names. Take a look at the pre-populated fields to familiarize yourself with how it's suppose to look.

After that, the PSP_Export tab should be fully populated! Again, there are a lot of generalities and random functions that are used to create some roster, so your player may look slightly different each time you use this tool. So you can just edit off the CSV file you do in the next step...

Now you just need to first Save the spreadsheet as is. Then either (1) save the active Export tab as CSV or (2) copy and paste into a new file and save as csv.

This export csv is now ready to be imported.

Now you need to make an existing Roster Save on your PS2 or PSP, as seen in previous tutorials.

Load this unencrypted save in Madden DB Editor, and import the Export CSV into the PLAY table.

Save, and reload it onto your console. Victory.