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NCAA 2015 Roster for Playstation 2 NCAA 06

I ran into a small community of folks who have been working at modding NCAA 06 on a couple different sites and I figured, hey if it works on PSP, why not PS2? So I gave it a whirl, and threw it out on the internet for a few people to test out. And it worked! Blindly trying to make a roster update, with surprisingly decent results.

I am posting my latest, third test, of the PS2 roster here.

It was originally just a direct port of the PSP one I ported over from PS3 but now there are a few minor changes from it.

First, PSP is weird. It only has capitalized names. So it doesn't matter which case you use, it'll show up ALL CAPS. PS2 actually is case-sensitive. While I am still trying to to tweak my excel function to do this right, I made a temporary fix. First letters of each First and Last name will be capitalized, while the remaining letters are lower-cased.

Secondly, PSP doesn't ever have student athletes without their helmets on. So really, player heads and hair don't really matter besides the tone of their skin. So I made everything default to hair style 5 which is some sort of crew cut I guess. After a little bit of debugging, I settled on 4 really generic basic haircuts and randomized the population with it.

So far that's all that's included in this Test 3.

I've gotten some new ideas from VolWalker on some generic accessories and coaching playbook options that I'll look into in the near future that would work across the board.