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Porting PS2 NCAA Rosters to PSP NCAA Games


1. Porting PS2 to PSP
2. Porting PS3 to PSP/PS2 - Coming Soon!

Tutorial to Port PS2 to PSP (and vice-versa)

Tools:PS2 Save Builder
Madden DB Editor 3.0
deemerh.prx unencrypted save plugin for a modified cFW PSP.
The PS2 file of your choice that you want to port

Steps:1. Usually PS2 saves are in ActionReplay or XPort format, so use Save Builder to extract the BASLUS unencrypted ps2 save file.

2. Load up Madden DB Editor and open the PS2 save file. Then, on the left side, there should be 3 items. Click each item and a table loads. After loading, export to CSV for each one. The PLAY one is the most important, since thats the players database. The others are team attributes and depth chart. Since this takes a while, you can do the next steps concurrently....

2. Enable deemerh plugin on psp, and start NCAA. Save the roster and exit game.

3. Attach PSP to computer and pull out the roster file from your /PSP/SAVEPLAIN folder. The folder will end in something like 0010.

4. After step 2 is complete, using DB Editor, open up the SDDATA.BIN file from the PSP saveplain folder you just pulled. This is the unencrypted roster save.

5. Again, 3 items will appear on the left side, Depth Chart, Players, Teams.

For each item, load it, then IMPORT the PS2 extracted csv file that corresponds to it. Again, this may take a few minutes for the players one.

6. Once its all imported, save the file. Now you can plug the psp back into your computer, and replace the saveplain folder with the modified one you just worked on and start NCAA 10 with a new database!