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Madden PSP Roster Editing / Porting / Modding


The PSP Madden series (and NCAA?) shares a lot of similarities and file structures to the ones on PS2 and PC so many of the same tools and tips developed for the PC version work for this series! There's been a lot of great tools and tutorials built around Madden 08 at FootballFreaks/FootballIdiot that paved the way for me to experiment on PSP using similar techniques.
  1. Software Tools
  2. Basic Roster Editing/Importing
  3. Expanding Roster database size
  4. Creating Madden 08 Franchise from Madden 12 Franchise
  5. Importing/Editing Coaches
  6. Transferring existing Franchises to different Madden PSP
  7. Graphics Modding
  8. Game Settings Mods

Tools required:
NZA 2.0 Madden 08 PC Editor
DB Editor 3.0 for Madden 08 PC
Spreadsheet program (e.g. Excel)
PSP with cFW 
Deemerh.prx plugin for PSP, that is already set up.
For my Mac setup, I used VirtualBox with WinXP though I was able to use Wine as well for the PC applications.

- - -

Basic Roster Editing

Creating base files:

1) Open Madden using default rosters and make a save.

2) Plug PSP onto computer. Go to /PSP/SAVEPLAIN folder (this is a new folder created by the plugin) and extract out the save data for Madden. The rosters end of 5016 I believe if you chose Save slot #1, 17 for #2, 18 for #3, etc.

Info: The deemerh plugin creates the SAVEPLAIN folder and within the folder, an unencrypted copy of your save. This allows it to be edited. You can then edit these files (SDDATA.BIN). When you load a save within a game, and the plugin active, the game will look for matching files in saveplain first, before going to the standard SAVEDATA folder, so you only need to edit off of saveplain (as long as files of any date are present in savedata)

3) Keep this copy -- we will refer to this as the original roster database.

Editing Rosters

1) Make a copy of the original roster to work off of.
2) In the folder, rename the file SDDATA.BIN to SDDATA.ROS for rosters and SDDATA.FRA for franchise. (The filename actually wont matter at this stage, only the extension)
3) Open the file in NZA Editor
4) In the file menu, choose Edit Players.
5) You can now edit players! 

Importing Rosters

I took an existing, already modified, Madden 08 PC roster to work from. Using the Editing Roster steps above, I opened the PC roster in NZA Editor, then:

1) In the Edit Players menu, there will be an EXPORT CSV button at the bottom. Press this to export the file.

2) Open this new file up in your spreadsheet editor and work from it! You will need to scale back the roster to 1962 players for Madden 08 and 1866 players in Madden 12. More info on how to read the database is available if you look for the Madden database definitions in Football Freaks Wikia.

3) Now, open up your original Madden roster in NZA Editor, and export that file. Then open up that CSV, look for the Player ID column and copy the entire column.

4) Go back to the PC spreadsheet, after you scaled down the roster, and paste the Player ID in your clipboard to the corresponding column. You will also need to paste the same data into the POID column, which is 2 columns over. Then SAVE.

5) Now, open up your working copy of PSP roster (the one you're editing) and IMPORT the modified PC spreadsheet. You should now have the imported roster loaded! I recommend editing in NZA Editor as much as you can at this point as it is easier, though for bulk items, use the CSV -- just remember to import/export frequently.  Also, it would be good to change all Portrait IDs to 0, since the portrait faces will not match. This is column titled PSXP.

Expanding the Size/Importing larger roster databases

NZA editor is great however it won't let you increase the size of a database. For this, you will need to use Madden DB Editor (v3.0 doesn't seem to do this either though - so use a previous version). Basically, load the roster/franchise you want, find the PLAY (Players) database - load - then export to csv. Then you can start modifying this csv by adding more lines for new players or take an existing roster/franchsie, export that, and import it into your old one using DB Editor.

Re-Loading Rosters to PSP.

1) Once you have everything the way you want, rename the SDDATA.ROS file back to SDDATA.BIN -- Note the extension changed back to BIN!

2) Move the SDDATA.BIN file back to the correct folder in SAVEPLAIN on your PSP.

3) Now, start Madden up and load the roster. It should show up with the new edits. I make a quick check to see if all salaries and contract lengths are correct too within Madden. Also make sure no team has more than 55 players.

4) Re-do depth charts for every team.

5) Once youre happy, you can save if you wish. This will create both a standard save as well as an updated SAVEPLAIN file. 

Converting PC Face ID to appropriate Skin Tone ID:

Coming soon!

Creating Madden 08 Franchise from Madden 12 Franchise:

This is the only way I was able to create an updated file to play Franchise mode in Madden 08 (so far). For some reason, the updated rosters will freeze up when trying to start a new franchise in 08. So the work-around is to use a new roster in Madden 12, start a franchise, save it, and bring it over to Madden 08. 

To do this, we will take Madden 12's franchise, and export and replace Madden 08's franchise and then put it in Madden 08.

1) Open up Madden 08 with default roster. Start a franchise, and save it before you do anything.

2) Open up Madden 12 with updated roster. Start a franchise, and save it before you do anything.

3) Connect PSP to PC and pull the Madden 12 ROSTER file. It'll end in 0016, 0017, etc. This is odd -- Madden 12 somehow combines the franchise with the roster -- 08 does not do this. Also pull out the Madden 08 FRANCHISE save. This will end in 0000, 0001, etc.

4) Using DB Editor, open up the Madden 12 file. Go to the PLAY database. Once that is loaded, export the data to a csv.

5) Now open up the 08 franchise file in DB Editor. Go to the PLAY database. Once loaded, IMPORT the CSV from step 4.

6) Close/Save the file. Then replace the edited 08 franchise file back to your PSP.

7) Load up the franchise and make sure it looks right.

Importing Coaches into Franchise:

I've only been able to do this with Madden 08 FRA files.

1. Extract your Madden 08 franchise saveplain file. The folder for this will end in 0000, 0001, 0002, 0003 depending on slot.

2. Open up DB Editor and open this file. DB editor doesnt require you to rename the extension, as long as you make sure it opens all files.

3. A bunch of data will generate. There will be a database called COACHES. Open this one, then in the file menu, export it to csv.

4. Open the new csv file and begin editing! Be sure to change coach portraits to 0. I believe the column is COXP.

5. After you're done editing, go back to DB Editor, and import the csv file to the COACHES database and save/close.

6. Reload this file onto your psp and you should be set.

Alternatively, I opened up a current madden pc roster and extracted the coaches database from that, and imported it into the PSP franchise file without a hitch.

Transferring Franchises from one Madden PSP to another

1. In your current Madden franchise, save it and create an unencrypted save (old save) using the plugin described above.
2. In your "new" Madden, create a franchise and save it, also creating an unencrypted save (new save).
3. Pull both unencrypted saves from your PSP to your computer.
4. Open up both unencrypted saves (SDDATA.BIN) in a HEX editor.
5. In the "new" save, copy the first 24 characters and replace the first 24 characters in the "old" save.
6. Save the "old" save, and replace it in the SAVEPLAIN folder in your psp of the Madden you wish to transfer your franchise in (the new save location).

- - - - -

Graphics Modding

A lot of credit here goes to B-Rad and ReeshMD23 for the idea and knowledge.

UMDGen if you're on a PC. On a MAC, you can run it in Wine or use another ISO editing program.
A ISO/CSO generated from your UMD

Importing Madden 12 graphics to previous Maddens.

1. Open up the Madden 12 ISO in UMDGen.
2. Go to USRDIR / DATA folder
3. Extract out the Stadiums and Uniforms folder
4. Open up the previous Madden ISO now.
5. Import the Stadiums and Uniforms folder and replace the existing ones in the same location.
6. Save and load it on your memory card.

According to B-Rad, you can also export/import the default rosters, but I wasn't able to get it working.

Modding your own graphics
I dont really understand this yet. I do know the viv files can be viewed in EA Graphics Editor, which will dump you a *.MSH file. This file can then be opened in Console Texture Editor, but I havent gotten much further than that. It seems to require a lot of hex viewing to find the right offset, i.e. a lot of work.