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NCAA for PSP 2015-2016 Season Updates

NCAA 10 (2009-2010) Save Slot 1
NCAA 10 (2010-2011) Save Slot 2

NCAA 10 (2015-2016) Save Slot 1
NCAA 07 (2015-2016) Save Slot 2

Note: This will work on PSP, PPSSPP, PS Vita, and PS TV. 

PS2 users - Try this test version for NCAA 06 on Playstation 2. 

Files located here 



I don't think anyone has done this yet. I just picked up a used PSP recently as well as a PSTV so I could get my NCAA fix on (only have a PS4 console now). I had to do A LOT of digging and a A LOT of experimenting, but my success of porting Madden PC rosters to Madden PSP sure helped a lot.

Anyway, I found the amazing Operation Sports Community NCAA 10 roster for PS2 and ported it over to PSP. The file is attached to this post. Just extract it and put the folder into your /PSP/SAVEDATA folder.

NCAA 2015-2016 Update!
I will first like to thank Vikesfan059 for permission to use and port over his team's amazing work on their NCAA 14 PS3 roster. This wouldn't have even been a remote idea without it. Also big thanks to reeshmd23 for testing and helping find bugs in earlier tests and exchanging ideas. We have more mods we're talking about but requires resources from other games in the series. And finally, big thanks to the communities here and at footballidiot for some great tools and guides.

The 2015 roster is a heavily modified port of a community roster found here.
The file was created using a base NCAA 14 roster for PS3 created by various members on Operation Sports:vikesfan059, BossHawgMichigan, CPmustangs75, Arrowhead29, bigbob, Her89Man, Jackster802, muckcity, sean15012, TCUFan, thesportsguru11, wewereGiants, and Zaybreezy25.


2010 / 2011 Rosters
  • Direct Port of Operation Sports Community PS2 Roster
  • No Changes were made

2015 Rosters:
  • Based on Vikesfan059 community PS3 roster from early January 2016.
  • Removed FCS team rosters - add them back in the future
  • Converted text names to numerical names used in PSP/PS2
  • Features ~50 faces, 6 skin tones, and various accessories
  • Used a statistical averaged body shape function to determine body/shoulder/leg sizes based on height-to-weight ratio - WIP
  • Bugs may still be present. Please let me know if you run across any!

Future Ideas:
Tweak body shapes - possible
2015 schedules (template.dat?)
Conference realignment (template.dat?)
Bowl Games (template.dat?)
Textures/Graphics (*.msh file....)
Import Draft Class to Madden PSP


Porting PS2 to PSP - [Guide] Porting PS2 to PSP Rosters

Porting PS3 to PSP/PS2 - Coming soon!

2010/2011 Named Roster Port
2015 Port Early Test Demo

Credits: Operation Sports Community NCAA 10 team, PackFan0320 of DBEditor, PS2 Save Builder, FootballIdiot, reeshmd23, vikesfan059, etc.


Initial Official Release for 2015 PS3 ports to NCAA 07 and NCAA 10

Release of 2011 PS2 Port of OpSports Community Roster

Release of 2010 Port of Operation Sports Community PS2 Roster