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NCAA Roster Additions and Other Updates

Over the past few days I've been slowly making some changes and additions to the Files section that haven't necessarily been posted in an article here nor at one of the two forums I frequent for sports gaming.

The files section, you'll find updates to:

Updated NCAA 2015 roster
New historical rosters folder, which includes NCAA 2005-2008 rosters. I'm still trying to figure out issues with 09-11 right now.

Updated 2015 roster

Updated 2015 roster
2010-2011 rosters

NCAA PS3 to PS2/PSP Porting Tool:
I have made it a universal tool now, with v0.17 uploaded. There are several fixes and accessories optimizations included. More work to come.

Other stuff:
I've been working with a great team of folks at Football Idiot/Operation Sports and trying to make a more modern NCAA 06/NCAA 07 game. We've got Volwalker working on playbooks and a few others working on uniform updates. I believe most of these files will port over to the two consoles quite well.

I've also going to start trying to make a better tool for porting/editing rosters if I have a chance.