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Tutorial: How to Mod NBA 2K13 to NBA 2K16 for PSP

All Files are here.

NBA 2K13 Image (this is not in the link) - THIS IS FOR USA VERSION ONLY!
NBA2K16 Mod File "0"
NBA2K16 Graphics

1. Create using UMDGen or obtain a NBA 2K13 PSP ISO image.

2. Unzip the NBA2K16 Mod files. There should be three total files.

3. Open UMDGen, and open your 2K13 ISO file.

4. Go to PSP_GAME. Then drag the two image files to the window and replace the existing files.

5. Go to PSP_GAME/USRDIR. Then drag the 0 file and replace existing file.

6. Save as uncompressed iso. You MUST use a new name. You cannot overwrite the original ISO.

7. Done!

Here's how I did this mod:


  1. how to create a 2k13 iso file?

  2. doesnt work on 6.60 btw can you post vids that actually work on this mod. tnx

  3. Hey is there a way to add legends such as Larry Bird, Bill Russell, etc. to the free agency pool?

  4. sir.. where can i download 2k16 mod files?..sorry newbie here :)

  5. Sir how can I do this for ps2 nba2k5 what is the roster offset and textrues


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