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Converting Dynasty Saves & Advanced League Restructuring -- and introducing my fantasy roster generator

As some of you are aware, I tinker with my league setup quite often in dynasty mode, and have been doing it for years now. More recently, I've gone quite a bit more extreme in my league setups and forgoing the traditional layouts of the NCAA 06 game, by adding 14-team conferences and other things, as mentioned in the previous post.

In most cases, simply editing the TEAM database with the correct CGID and DGID and TTYP values will move teams around. Then you'd follow up with TSWP databased edits to swap teams around. This only works if you keep the same league structure.

As a refresher or for those new to this:

CGID = Conf ID

DGID = Division ID (15 is no divisions)

TTYP = Team Type (0=FBS, 1=FCS)

CGID/DGID values can be round in the CONF and DIVI tables in dynasty save.

But, let's say you want to add a new team from FCS or several of them. How about adding a create-a-team to the dynasty IN THE MIDDLE OF long dynasty?

It's not as simple as making some tweaks to the existing save file. Of course, try it first, and see if it works. If it leads to issues, maybe you need to do something out of the box a bit.

This is how I added Liberty as the 120th team to my league last year and more recently added North Dakota State, a created team, to my existing dynasty save file that was already 2 years in.

I made a wiki page months ago that covers this already, so I'll just link it here:

But the gist of it all, is you create a brand new save with the teams you want in it. Then you transfer a ton of data from your existing save over to it, and restructure the new save with the league alignment you want. And voila. its done and working!

One thing to note here is that PLAY, which stores the player rosters, may need to be revised to include players from a "new" team added to your dynasty, otherwise, they will have 0 players and start from scratch. Not a horrible idea, and potentially fun. To help combat this, I did create a Fantasy Player Generator, that could help create a fictional roster for teams in Dynasty mode.

To use it, you input the parameters in the first page, and then click on the DYNASTY export page, copy and paste and add it to your final PLAY table. You will probably have to delete the PGID range for the team that you are removing from the league setup though! You can find the PGID range from the roster generator.

Fantasy Roster Generator Link: