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NCAA Football PS2 and PSP 2021 Season Roster Releases

After a two year hiatus, I am back with a new 2021 roster update for the NCAA Football series on Playstation 2 and Playstation Portable. The rosters can be found on the links below.

Playstation 2 Link:

PSP Link:


  1. Why does this game not save in the middle of season. I like to look at the players and do a lot of looking around and maneuvering and looking at what I want to do during my games. But with no save options for the middle of the season I have to rush through everything in order to be able to save. I don't like to have to rush through the season just so I can save them and just run through the games and. It ruins the game. Why did they make it like that? It needs to be fixed immediately. Most people don't want to sit down and do an entire season in one setting.

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