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Pro Football Coach (mobile) - NFL 2017 Rosters Available!

Pro Football Coach is a mobile text GM sim available for Android and iOS. It's free, fun and a huge time sink. It also allows for custom rosters. I present to you, the 2017 NFL roster for this game!

v1.3 9/13/2017 - Updated Salaries, Updated Cap Space, Updated CB Calculations, Updated Coverage calculation, Significantly improved Conversion Tool (not released yet), Updated Evasion calculation
v1.2 09/11/2017 -New POTENTIAL rating calculator based on age & position + awareness/IQ
v1.1 09/09/2017 - FIXED issues with iOS version
v1.0 09/08/2017 - Initial release with fix for defense ratings

Finished a 2017-18 season NFL roster tonight. It's a Madden NFL 08 PC Update created by RogerJinx ( that I've converted using excel and a bunch of calculations/algorithms to convert madden ratings to PFC ratings. I've tweaked some of the rating issues based on feedback from my 2016 file I posted yesterday, which I'll take down for now.
Anyway, here's the 2017 roster!

Game info:

Roster Reddit thread:


  1. Thanks love the game play it on my breaks at work I was wondering if you were coming out with PRO FOOTBLL CAREER MODE anytime soon


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