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Front Office Football 8: 2017-18 NFL Roster

2017-18 NFL Roster


  • 2017 NFL Roster accurate as of Week 1
  • Updated Player Contracts & Salaries
  • 2500 total players including free agents
  • Updated Overall ratings based on Madden Ratings on a logarithmic curve using guidelines from FOF8.
  • Updated QB style/scrambling frequency
  • Start Year set for 2017
  • Updated Salary Cap Info
  • Updated League Minimum Salary info

I've been heavily involved with modding/roster conversions for PS2 and PSP with Madden and NCAA Football over the past couple years, and before that I made a few rosters for FOF7, and other text games. I just recently updated NCAA and Madden series games with 2017 rosters, and then decided to try to tackle how to convert my Madden Roster over to FOF8. I converted it over the other day to Pro Football Coach on android/iOS and NCAA rosters to DDS College Football, so why not try it on FOF8?

Here's my attempt. It's attached as well as the CSV source file. I'm still working on the Excel spreadsheet but will make it public when I feel it's ready.

Other than that, I only did the overall rating, so many attributes will follow the FOF method for generating player attributes. The overall rating was converted from Madden's 0-99 rating scale using a proper distribution as best possible to FOF's csv handbook method. I used basic statistics as well as histograms to determine how ratings fell into which bucket. Primarily, players rated 75 or below were 0's, and players 90 and above where the 5-9 ratings.

For QB's, I used the Madden QB tendency rating to correspond with FOF QB style, and for scrambling frequency, I made a weighted formula based on speed, agility, tendency, and awareness. 

Please feel free to comment and post suggestions.

Download here:

v.1.4 - Updated Salary Cap and Some Salaries, Added in a lot more players - total 2500!
v1.3 - Corrected Player Birthdays and Hometowns
v1.2 - Fixed Tennessee/Houston rosters (swapped - Thanks LarryHud)
v1.1 - Updated Roster with correct colleges/universities
v1.0 - Initial Release

Also available is my Grayscale theme: