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Madden NFL 08 Playstation 2 Update for 2015 Season

I released a 2015-16 season update for Madden 08 on Playstation 2 now. It also includes an updated Roster and an updated Franchise save. The franchise save includes everything the PSP versions have such as updated rosters, adjusted salaries, updated coaching staffs, playbooks, draft trades, real 2015 schedules, relocation of St Louis to Los Angeles, and more!

Action Replay MAX files are available in the download section. If you need to use it in a different format, I recommend using PS2 Save Builder to convert the roster or extract the save file out!


  1. OK but how do I get the roster on my ps2

  2. You need a method to send it to your ps2 using usb. This can be done with ActionReplayMax, GameShark, or FreeMcBoot/uelflauncher for example.

  3. Hey how can I get an updated roster for madden 07 for ps2? Would really like to play it with current rosters/actives players if you don't mind explaining how to get this done. Or could you hit me up through email would really like to play a season with an updated roster thanks


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