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NCAA PSP Uniforms, Helmets, and Stadium Swapping

Here's a quick trick if you own NCAA 10 and NCAA 07 and you prefer the gameplay of NCAA 07 like I do, but want updated uniforms and helmets. This also works in Madden series as described in my guides.

First dump your game onto your computer using UMDGen.
Then go to the USRDIR folder of NCAA 10, and copy the entire Uniforms folder, and put that in NCAA 07 using UMDGen. Save a copy. Then you'll have a modded ISO to use, granted you need a custom firmware installed PSP or you can use an emulator like PPSSPP.

For Stadiums, copy the Stadata.dat and Stadiums folder over. (note this may cause issues with field/crowd textures...)

Here's some screenshots to show it all off:

Original NCAA 07. This must have been prior to Oregon experiments.

NCAA 07 with NCAA 10 Uniforms - The Unis before the Wings

NCAA 07 Original - Miss St white helmets of the past.

NCAA 07 with NCAA 10 Helmets - The new redder Miss State helmets