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Apple Cup Demo - Swapping Textures from Different Games

The Apple Cup is one of my favorite events I look forward to each football season. It pits the school I grew up watching, attended for a decade of my life, and constantly engage in whether professionally, or as a fan of the school's academia and athletic excellence. It also has the most awesome color choices in Purple and Gold.

Anyway, I've been playing around with swapping textures such as uniforms, helmets, fields, stadiums, etc between different versions of games, which I went through a little bit the other day in my guide. 

Here's some screenshots of some of the work:

NCAA 07 PSP - Imported Uniforms and Helmets from NCAA 10 PSP

NCAA 10 PSP - Imported Grass Textures from NCAA 07 PSP

Following the texture imports, the two games look very, very similar. They still play differently a tad bit because of the gameplay differences, but visually, they both look similar, and pretty stunning I might add for a handheld console that's well over a decade old. 

These screenshots are from actual PSP Go hardware. It'll look even better on PPSSPP on your computer or mobile device with the accelerated graphics options.