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Custom Data

This page will help users develop custom data files for use in College Football Coach: Career Edition.


The game has 3 possible custom data files that can be used: A Universe, Rosters, and Coach data.

The Universe file is required for custom leagues. The Universe file contains the Conference Structure and Team Names and their associated data.

The Roster and Coach files are optional but they are used to create players and coaches with specific names and abilities and assign them to a specific team. They go hand-in-hand with the Universe file and must be named appropriately.

File Format

Each of the data files can be saved as a Text (txt) or a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. The data within it must be in CSV format, meaning that each data value is separated by a comma. This format is easily edited and created in a program like Microsoft Excel. Instead of saving the file normally, choose SAVE AS and choose CSV as the file type. This will save the data in the correct format.

Universe File

You can right-click on the link and save it to your computer. It will be editable in Excel or Notepad.

When you open it you'll see the file structure is relatively simple.

The first section is the Conference and Division names. It must start and end as formatted below:

ACC Atlantic Coastal
Big Ten East West
Big 12 North South
Pac-12 North South
SEC East West
American East West
MAC East West
Conf USA East West
Mt West Mountain West
Sun Belt A B
Independent Indy Indy
You can have as many conferences as you wish. The first column is the conference name, followed by two sub-division names. This feature is currently not used, but is here for future implementation.

When you are finished, make sure the next row ends with the [END_CONFERENCES] line. This is crucial for the game to know when this section is over.

The next section is the TEAMS section, as shown below.

Boston College BC ACC 68 Atlantic 3
Clemson CLEM ACC 87 Atlantic 3
Duke DUKE ACC 50 Coastal 3
Florida State FSU ACC 60 Atlantic 3
Georgia Tech GT ACC 52 Coastal 3
Louisville LOUI ACC 62 Atlantic 4
Miami MIA ACC 74 Coastal 3
North Carolina UNC ACC 50 Coastal 3
NC State NCST ACC 65 Atlantic 3
Pittsburgh PITT ACC 64 Coastal 3
Syracuse SYR ACC 64 Atlantic 3
Wake Forest WAKE ACC 50 Atlantic 3
Virginia VIR ACC 62 Coastal 3
Virginia Tech VTEC ACC 72 Coastal 3

This section starts with [START_TEAMS] and this is only used once. The next line will begin the teams for the first conference listed in the Conference section.

Column 1: Team Name
Column 2: Team Abbreviation (2-4 letters preferable)
Column 3: Conference Name (must match above!)
Column 4: Team Prestige (can be any starting number)
Column 5: Division Name (must match above!)
Column 6: Team Location (0-4 - see below)

0: West Coast
1: Mountain/Midwest
2: Central
3: Northeast/East Coast
4: South

When you finish a conference, put [END_CONF] in the following line and then start the next teams in the next conference.

Each conference can have as many teams as you want, but for now, each conference needs a minimum of 8 teams. There can be 1 Independent named conference which has less than 8 teams.

Finally, end the section with [END_TEAMS] and then bowls are listed. You can name as many bowl games as you like, one per column. If you do not have enough bowl games, the game will auto-populate with names until you meet the minimum needed. Then end the file with [END_BOWL_NAMES]

Rose Bowl Orange Bowl Sugar Bowl Fiesta Bowl Peach Bowl Cotton Bowl Citrus Bowl Gator Bowl Cactus Bowl Alamo Bowl Holiday Bowl Sun Bowl




  1. Hi! I recently mad an FCS Universe File but i dont know where to share it. Ive tried Docs, a PDF and my Excel account and the game wont take any of them


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