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College Football Injuries & Realism

I'd like to spend a little bit of time today, very quickly, to go over a negative comment I keep seeing pop up in forums and on Play Store reviews. The topic is INJURIES and how realistic and how many there are.

Many people now have given me negative reviews or feedback saying there are way too many injuries and it's not fair. I've never seen more than 5 or so injuries on a team at any given time. In fact, at some point, you can't because the logic of the game doesnt allow you to have TOO many injuries, otherwise the game will run out of players and it'll crash.

Let's just say there's 6 injuries on your team at once, which is a bit high from my experience simming thousands of seasons of this game. Is that unrealistic? People who think this is unrealistic may not really pay attention to actual football rosters.

Let's look at today. Here's Alabama's injury report:

They have 4 players listed out for the season, another guy with a long term injury, and 3 questionable players.

Let's look at another random team: Ohio State

Ohio State has so many players on their injury report that I had to scale my browser window down to fit it on the screen to take a screenshot!

I think I rest my case.

Injury Report Screenshots are from


  1. Hey man, I'm with you on this matter. You cant constantly be tugging for realism then leave negative reviews when you get it, plain and simple. That being said I think what the issue is is that people want realistic but a realistic that translates to game firm. And what I mean by this is and I'll give an example - people on console who play football games often want the experience to be as real as absolutely possible but many dont play 15:00 quarters. That's because the standard 5 seems to translate enough to give them the experience the need and some of the b.s cut out right? Same way with injuries. I would like my game to be realistic (Again I completely agree with you and I've left very positive comments as I believe I'm the top positive comment on your other game) but dont exactly want the entire pain of having to replace a small team ESPECIALLY at start of a season and returning senior goes down or that stud redshirt freshy that you've been waiting since you recruited him to play goes down week 1 lol. Just some insight personally I think your games kick ass. Please keep them coming with the updates man love it. Best of luck buddy hang in there and dont pay to much attention to the negativity! People are ignorant.

  2. Hey, I am totally digging your effort! ! I used to GEEK out on all those old eaSports games as just being the GM or Manager . keep your shit up brutherman!! We will get you funding.


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