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College Football Coach v1.4 Release Candidate Beta + New Custom Data Files

There's a beta that's been available for a few weeks now on my latest version 1.4X of College Football Coach: Career Edition. This is a big update! It adds in the following new features:

+ 2019 Season
+ New Dashboard Feature
+ Re-Code major portions of the game for future improvements and speed
+ Add Save option before Recruiting
+ New Coordinator Positions!
+ Transfer Players - Now you can accept/decline
+ New Player Profile and Coach Profile Cards
+ Lots of UI updates
+ New Hall of Fame requirements
+ Updated Game Simulation with In-Game Injuries
+ General Injury System overhaul
+ More News Headlines and Stories
+ Small tweaks to various formulas within the entire game
+ Much more!

Here is the link to the 2019 Custom Databases:


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