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College Football Coach Career

The latest versions of the 2017 expansion of College Football Coach for Android now includes a full-blown coaching career mode. In this mode, the user can take the role of a new coach and work his way through building up a dynasty. But if the user fails in this, he will get fired, and will have to look for a new job. In addition, several new features and enhancements have been added and will continue to be developed. For a full set of features, see below!


Implemented Updates/Features:
  • Game Editor: Ability to edit team names, conference names, and coach names updated
  • Career Mode: Start as a new hire coach and work your way to the top! Just don't get fired! new
  • Expanded universe (i.e. 120 teams and new conferences)
  • 12 Team Conferences
  • Expanded to 18 Bowl Games + CFB Playoffs
  • Names database is now over 20,000 first and last names
  • Improved scheduling logic (Out of Conf schedule changes each season)
  • More in-depth News and Features updated
[Game Simulation]
  • New Player Positions
  • New Head Coach position which affects player progression new
  • More Player Attributes new
  • New Sim Game logic updated
  • New plays & actions within game simulation updated
  • New offense/defense schemes (5 on offense/4 on defense)
  • Defensive Player stats & tracking new
  • Off-season Coaching changes & Infraction system for balancing gameplay
  • Small/Low prestige schools with NFL high draft talent get bonus prestige
  • CPU Strategies based on each team's roster strengths starting year 2
  • Updates with internal game algorithms updated
  • Improved poll logic for weeding out smaller conference/weaker schedules updated
  • Improved prestige growth/decline logic updated
  • Medical Redshirting new
  • UI Re-Design (more buttons!)
  • Updated material design
  • Non-User team history [WIP]
  • AP Poll History Menu
  • More team and player stats updated
  • Player Individual Rankings Menu new
  • Game Summary Box Scores new
  • Weekly Scoreboard new
  • Rivalry Games denoted on schedule
  • Upcoming games news feature new
  • Other things under the hood
Future Features?!?
  • expand recruiting features
  • themes - changing over to material design slowly.
  • External saves for off-line editing
  • collapsible conference standings
  • import/export rosters
Github source code & apk download:
Installation Go to github (use desktop version if on phone - link to switch is at bottom of the page) Download the "apk" file to your phone or to your PC (and then transfer to your phone) Once on your phone, use a file manager, if necessary, to install the APK.
Enjoy There are two versions available, "release" and "debug" -- the debug versions seems to work on older Android OS's.


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