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PCSX2 Settings for NCAA Football

Since there's been a lot of requests on how to properly play NCAA Football on PCSX2 emulator, I posted my personal settings below for you all to review. You will have to tweak as necessary for your own computer configurations.

My current laptop build is:
MSI GS40 Phantom
Intel i7 6700HQ (2.6-3.5Ghz, quad core)
Nvidia GTX 970M / 3GB GDDR5
ESS Sabre 918k DAC Sound
PCIe and SSD SATA3 Hard Drives

More Config info for PCSX2 can be found on the official site:

I chose OpenGL because it looked a tad smoother and color balanced looked better for my setup. I use 4X Native resolution, but was using 3X and 5X before. Adjust to the capabilities you have. 

Full clamping is essential to see crowd and field properly.

Again, clamping is essential for graphical issues.

I chose to keep sound at simple because it didnt sound different to me at higher quality.


  1. I couldn't get this myself! NCAA games run great now! Thanks for the info.

  2. Thanks for the settings, I only wish you had balanced the dynasty rosters better... GO COUGS!


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